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Why Do I Write an Essay?

writing“Why do I have to write an essay? Why is it an essay? Why me?
sounds familiar, does it? Essay writing has always been a kind of challenging and tiresome assignment for the students of all academic levels. Taking into account the fact that usually the essays are used as an easy-to-apply method to test students’ analytical and writing skills, fluency with the written language, as well as literacy, the task usually causes unrest in the college masses. Moreover, for the students, who are having difficulties with just a simple constructing of a small paragraph, the essay writing turns into a real disaster. As a rule, these students don’t have the slightest idea of what they are actually doing. They consider an essay as a part of the academic torture that the tutor has invented for them personally. In other words, they write with zero purpose.

The Essay Purpose – What Is it for?

When the focus is on the essay purpose, it is usually defined as a solid reason why you’re writing the paper. Discovering the essay purpose is one of the basic challenges you will have to handle. Most often, there is one or more of the following essay purposes: to entertain, to inform, to analyze, to call the target audience to action, to argue, to recommend, to change certain attitudes, to persuade, etc. Knowing the right purpose of your essay is a tricky thing. However, you may be lucky enough if your instructor specifies what kind of project she’s expecting from you. But when you’re facing the freedom to work on the essay of any type, you may have difficulties while identifying the right purpose. The tips listed below will guide you through the process and help you to come up with the essay purpose.

Purpose #1: to Inform

When your essay must inform you readers on a certain matter, you have to provide your readers with information that they do not have. Thus, your number one task is to name the facts, not provide your personal viewpoints on the subject. As an example of the informative essay, one may name the paper that is focused on how to buy a house. If you’re going to perform an essay research, make sure to take information from the trustworthy resources only.

Purpose #2: to Persuade

Are you writing to persuade? In such case your aim is to make your readers take an action (or have a strong desire to take it) – based exclusively on what you have written. For instance, you may persuade your readers to vote for your campaign in your essay.

Purpose #3: to Explain

When you are required to write in order to explain, your task is to help your target audience get an idea of a situation or a process. As an example of the essay of this type one can name the essay on how to organize a birthday party for a kid. However, if you’re asked to provide explanations on any issue, make sure to choose the one that you’re well aware of.

Purpose #4: to Entertain

This is a great chance to give your reader a stunning emotional experience. Among the most successful essays written for an entertaining purpose the ones dedicated to the most embarrassing moment in your life or the most unusual journey you have ever had. Knowing the purpose of the essay will make your path less rough.

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