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How to Prepare a Distraction Free Writing Workplace

January 28th, 2016 No comments

prepare workplaceAsk any student or freelancer what their biggest problem is when it’s time to deal with the daily to-do list, and the answer you will most likely hear is constant distractions. Distractions are everywhere! The cat needs to be taken to the vet. Emails should be answered immediately. The mobile phone doesn’t stop ringing. What you are in need of to keep away from all this chaos is a workplace free from distractions: the place, where you will have an opportunity to dive deep into the working process and forget about the outside world. So, the question is – how to organize a distraction-free zone?

Step #1: Find an Ideal Office Space

While plenty of students get their academic work done on a kitchen table, in the middle of the living room or somewhere else, stealing a few minutes here or two hours there when the rest of the family is busy with the other stuff, it’s definitely not an efficient way to cope with tasks. It’s time to find a place of your own. Of course, the question is not about finding a separate apartment (that you will have to find funds to pay for). A spare bedroom will make a perfect home office, where one can totally focus on studying. The point is that one should create a place where one knows he/she is engaged in studying when inside.

Step #2: Minimize or Eliminate Distractions in the Visual Range.

Of course, just working in a comfortable room with the door shut won’t keep your from the whole bunch of distractions. Your computer is the real hot-bed of distractions ready to suck your precious time away. First, start with blocking out certain sites like Facebook or Twitter. Consider installing LeechBlock into your browser. It will let you block social networks for specific periods of time.

Step #3: Move Any Book as Far from Your Place as Possible.

Sooner or later we all get stuck in the moments, when our concentration is broken. And if there’s a book at hand, we will most likely start thumbing through it. Unless you need a book or two to complete your assignment, it’s required to remove magazines or books and thus, to eliminate distractions.

Step #4: Keep Natural Light but Mind the View

Natural light is an integral part of building a healthy working environment. But the fact is that a hooking view from the window will most likely have you staring onto the crowded street or into a beautiful garden when the work gets hard. That is why your laptop screen should be the only and the most interesting point to look at. But when it’s time for a short coffee break, a peek out of an open window to get some fresh air will help your get more energy to finish the task.

Do not forget to close all of your email applications as well and checking them only once or twice a day – late morning or late afternoon. Nothing bad will happen if you do it. Remember, people never expect to get an immediate answer to whatever they request.