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Group Leadership Essay

August 26th, 2009 No comments

What do we mean when we say “group leadership“? What is it exactly? There is not a dictionary definition that can explain or give meaning to the phrase. In order to really understand the phrase “group leadership”, we must separate it into two parts. We must define leadership. Then we must talk about group communication. What is leadership? Leadership is defined as a process of using communication to influence the behaviors and attitudes of others to meet group goals (Hackman and Johnson, 1991). Group communication is the interaction of a group of people to achieve an interdependent goal (Galanes, Brilhart, & Adams, 2000). So we can say that group leadership is using communication as the main tool to guiding and leading a group of people to accomplish interdependent goals. In order to get a greater comprehension of the subject, we must talk about two categories that relate to group leadership. They are the types of groups and the theoretical approaches to group leadership (Pearson, Nelson, Titsworth, & Harter, 2003). With a knowledge of these two aspects, we will better understand the group leadership concept. Lastly, we will describe how group leadership and the workplace coincide. In the workplace, you can find group leadership issues and problems. We will also discuss any examples and try to formulate possible solutions. The following paragraphs will take us right into types of groups and approaches to group leadership. Read more…