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Sample Essay on How to Present Yourself Effectively

January 27th, 2016 No comments

successful entrepreneursAccording to the recent researches, 60%-90% of communication is nonverbal. It means that the role of the body language in both – academic and business areas is extremely important. Moreover, it’s especially crucial to make an excellent first impression. The thing is that within the first 5-10 minutes of meeting someone, people are ready to make decisions regarding what the other individual’s intentions are and whether doing business with this person is the right thing.
Here are some useful body-language recommendations on how to present yourself the most favorable way.

Speak up Early to Be Taken Seriously

If you realize you hang back in the middle of conversation, hoping to offer your viewpoint only somewhere at the end of the meeting, you will most likely be ignored. That is why speaking up early is a good thing to do, even if the topic is not earthshaking. Thus, you will present yourself as someone, who has a clue. Then later, when it’s time to present your suggestions, you will be well-received.

Use Your Hands

This will help you to gesture as you speak and thus – be more credible in the eyes of the listeners. Furthermore, experts state that gesturing with your hands while delivering a speech greatly improves one’s thinking abilities.

Look the Other Person in the Eye

Keeping direct eye contact by looking into the individual’s eyes when you’re talking is the rule that cannot be ignored. This simple action proves you’re interested in what the conversation is about. However, make sure to be aware of your eye contact. In case you don’t take regular breaks in order to get ready with your next answer, people may think you’re staring at them.

Do not Fidget in front of the Audience

Fidgeting will make you look uncertain and prove that you lack in confidence. Even though conferences put individuals into pretty stressful environment, it’s highly required to exert every effort not to show it. Never play with your nails or hair, don’t tap your feet while delivering a certain message to the others.

Back up in order to Boost Cognitive Control

The researchers of the Radboud University of Netherlands have found that backward motion is a great technique to boost cognitive control. The investigation showed that in a particularly hard situation stepping back (yes, do that literally!) helps to enhance human’s ability to cope with it.


There’s no better way to show that you’re listening to what the others say, as well as to lighten the mood. But make sure to do that only when appropriate.

Keep Your Arms Relaxed.

Keep them at your sides to demonstrate you’re ready to absorb what someone else is talking about. Also do not cross your arms – it looks to the others as if you’re trying to defend yourself.
End the meeting with a solid eye contact and firm handshake. This way you will let your colleagues know you’re satisfied with the progress and hope to meet once again.


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