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How to Write a Good Term Paper

June 12th, 2009 No comments

Writing a good Term paper begins with a subject of your choice, questions that you want to answer – because you do not know the answer or because the answers are interesting. You will need to be sure that your questions can be researched and are developed in relationship to your course work. In some cases, your instructor may provide the question and you will be responsible for locating the answers. Your answers can be found in libraries, online databases, and in websites. When developing the answers to your questions you will need to be certain you are representing both facts and opinions in order to develop a clear relationship between your answers and the original questions.

As you write your term paper, be certain to seek out clarification if you find that some of your research is vague. You may wish to seek out original or historical references that further demonstrate where the information or questions originated, or build answers in a sequential event fashion demonstrating how the answers to your question has changed over the years. Many different answers have changed in the past few decades, and millions more over the past few centuries. Where your answers begin or the historical reference to the first time the question was asked could provide valuable insight to your term paper and demonstrate a great understanding of the questions and material presented in your class. Read more…