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How to Write a Good Speech

August 25th, 2009 No comments

When you need to know how to write a good speech, you first must begin with your audience. A good speech focuses the information around the audience that will hear the speech. Consider the questions of “Who is your audience?” “What does your audience know about your subject?” “Where might the audience have heard about your subject before – negative or positive?” “How might your audience already feel about your topic?” “Why would your audience care about what you are writing about?” Sometimes there are not clear answers, especially when the audience is fellow classmates trying to complete the same project. However, this is still important to consider. While writing a speech you can tailor information to present something the rest of the class may not have known, or even discover funny information that may make them laugh.

No matter, whom your audience is, your successful speech is going to be based on how well you know your information. Be certain to conduct all the needed research before you begin writing; be certain that you label your notes clearly to allow quick reference if there is a question. Also, be certain to memorize key facts, details, dates, or other related points that will be essential to your speeches’ success. If you know your audience, know your subject, and practice speaking your written work, your speech will be a great speech that will impress your instructors and get you the best grade possible. Finally, keep your notes and speech organized by highlighting key points in your speech that will remind you to make certain your body language and posture demonstrate the importance of that particular information. Good Luck!