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How to Write a Good Homework

September 8th, 2009 No comments

Writing a good homework assignment requires attention to detail. Your instructor may provide you with a number of responsibilities for your assignment. You should list each responsibility to increase your ability to meet each of the challenges. In addition, you can use this list to create your outline for your project. When your homework requires an essay or paper, your outline can include the “Introduction” section that develops your problem statement (or topic sentence), and provides a short history or definition of your topic. Following the introduction, use the instructions for your assignment to create the outline. You can even do this if the assignment has a rubric. Use each section of the rubric to create a new paragraph our section in your outline. Using your instructions or rubric as an outline helps you avoid missing essential items that must be found in your homework to get a good grade.

All of your good homework assignments will be excellent when you review your guidelines for the assignment while you work. These goals may be based on the reading for the week – and can be developed using the topic sentences from the reading as bullet points in your work. Your homework can focus on adding new information that demonstrates your own research into the subject. Additionally, you can accomplish the best homework assignments through careful consideration of your instructors’ lectures during classes. You can also use the readings from the course, many instructors will recommend articles and studies that are related to the coursework and can be essential to successfully completing your homework. When you develop your homework, be certain you are familiar with the readings and materials your instructor has provided for you.