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Change Your Handwriting the Easy Way

January 23rd, 2016 No comments

handwritingDoes your handwriting style look like the one of a stereotypical doctor? Does your elementary school niece have a more readable writing than you? Bad quality handwriting can affect both academic and professional life, making you feel embarrassed. Instead of letting it become messy, you should find out how to improve your handwriting through the ways provided below.

Examine Your Handwriting

Open a notebook and make sure to carefully write the whole alphabet from A to Z. This will help you to reveal your weak and strong points. Do you make your O’s look like Q’s? Do some letters seem to have the wrong form? Highlight the letters that you have the most trouble with and work on improving the way you write them. Do you notice that your handwriting slopes forward or backwards? Conventionally, the handwriting should slope a bit forward in order to guide the reader in the direction he’s reading.

Train the Correct Muscle Groups

Usually people, who have poor handwriting style, simply have never tried training particular groups of muscles in their shoulders, arms and hands. Make sure you don’t “draw” the letters with your palm, but write them by moving your arm right up to the shoulder. The easiest way to practice this is to write not on the paper, but in the air with your finger. Thus, all the muscle groups in your shoulder and arm will work. This in turn will enhance your handwriting and it won’t look messy anymore.

Start Slowly

Focus on writing the letters shaping them well. Once you can produce the best looking ones, you will have an opportunity to keep your handwriting style attractive, while speeding the process up. Mind that the letters should have an equal size.

Imitate the Handwriting You Admire

If there’s a particular handwriting style you wish to adopt, make sure to get some tracing paper and imitate it. The point is, the more you copy it, the easier it will be to adopt all of the elements you especially admire and use them in your own script. Keep the page with the handwriting you like in front of you for inspiration.

Switch from Typing to Handwriting

Even though living in a digital era has many advantages, ensure to pass up the option to type the letter to your friend or an academic essay, and instead write the work with your hands. Switching to handwriting will be the number one practice that will enable you to change your handwriting style for the better. It may require more time, but the results will be pretty impressive!

Practice Regularly

Give yourself enough time to use your handwriting. Make sure to do it daily using the so-called journal. Simply write on what happens in your everyday life or what feelings you’re getting through at the moment.

This should help you. These simple tips will soon help you achieve your goal and shape your handwriting the way you want it.