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Repetition in Writing Is Bad. So, Let’s Call It “Parallelism”

December 16th, 2015 No comments

stylistic devicesParallelism is a special tool that is used to make some of the moments in literature both – alluring and memorable. Make sure to know all the points that make parallelism such a crucial and powerful device.

Have you ever wondered why some of the quotations are easier to keep in mind than the others? Why some of the speeches leave more significant impact than the ones delivered by the other people? Just take a look at the famous speech of Martin Luther King – “I Have a Dream”. Just read the following: “‘I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today?

Without a doubt, you do not remember the speech from A to Z, but you may know some of its parts, as well as the ultimate point that King’s speech was famous for. To cut the story, the success of the King’s speech is due to its part that includes a fantastic use of parallelism. When the matter concerns parallelism, the question is about a special literary device, in which the sentence segments are grammatically the same or are pretty similar in its construction. It can be any phrase, word or even the whole sentence that can be repeated. The widely known “I have a dream” repetition from the King’s speech turns the speech into a rhythmic and charming piece, as well as never-to-be-forgotten.

The classification of repetition is maintained in accordance with the compositional patterns. There are actually nine different patterns but we will discuss several of them within the frames of repetition.


This is what they call anaphoric repetition or the repetition of any phrase or any word that is placed at the beginning of several consecutive sentences (better for her, better for him). Rather often the anaphoric repetition is used in poetry than in the prose.


When it comes to epiphora, the matter relates to the epiphoric repetition, which is the kind of repetition, when the same phrase or the same word is placed at the consecutive sentences end. This literature tool contributes even more to the rhythmic organization of a speech since the intonation increases and there’s solid identity at the sentences final position. A good example of epiphora can be viewed in the famous TV series “Dr. House”, when Dr. Wilson says: “I’ve gottа be your dаmn conscience. I’m tired of being your conscience. I don’t enjoy being your conscience” to his colleague.


Framing is considered a kind of repetition that is built in the form of a frame, that is to say – the syntactical unit initial parts, usually in a paragraph and are repeated right at the paragraph end.

Chain repetition

“They strangers, and we strangers; they a pair,

And we a solitary pair like them.” (William Wordsworth). That’s the example of what they call chain repetition. This kind of repetition is used to smoothly develop logical reasoning. In other words, the writer is actually arranging a thread of a couple of successive anadiplosis.

In conclusion it can be said that all exiting kinds of repetition have their own emotional loading that sometimes is supposed to cause strong emotions, in other words – to make emotions arise subconsciously.

How to Write a Good Essay

June 8th, 2009 No comments

Today we are looking at how to write a good essay. Simply start with the topic and begin to brainstorm ideas that will enable you to work on the essay. Following that, determine which idea is the best option, and develop an outline that includes an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Your introduction will include what your paper will be about and encourage your audience to read on through the information presented. The body of your paper will include background information on your subject or topic, current information, related information, and research you developed. Your conclusion will list off the key-points of your essay and make the closing statements, but should not include new information not already present in the paper. Read more…