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Sample Essay on Smartphone Zombie Syndrome

January 14th, 2016 No comments

phone addiction Walking in the streets, while looking at smartphones and simultaneously bumping into other people seems to be already a part of everyday life of many. It’s hard to believe how many times per hour a typical ‘Smartphone zombie’ checks his Facebook, shares photos via Instagram, opens up email and just surfs on the web! However, bumping into the others is not the worst to happen. Sometimes the phone addicts get hit by the bus and that’s when the story ends.

Physical injuries are one of the impending threats of texting and walking. As said by the Tokyo Fire Department, in 2013 a record number of ‘Smartphone zombies’ – 36 – were hospitalized because of a pedestrian accident. According to the experts of the department, 26 of these individuals were staring at their devices when the collision happened. The good news is that most of these mini- catastrophes ended with minor bruises. But the fact is that the death by a smartphone is by no means unusual anymore.

Having your nose stuck in your phone means you’re missing the best moments in your life. Your reformed rock dad was definitely right, when saying that rock shows were better in 1980’s since the fans really paid attention to what was happening on the stage and sang along, and jumped in a crowd instead of holding their devices in the air. Just stop taking those crappy photos and enjoy the day!

Fooling around with your smartphone, while your professor delivers an important lecture is complete waste of time. How can you have one of those a ha! moments in the class and get an ‘A+’ if you turn every minute into an excuse to check what’s going on online?

A lot of head-down cult representatives confess they would rather give up TV than mobile devices. Smartphone culture becomes so deep-rooted in our lives that we tend to refuse making real-life contacts. We find it better to communicate with the others via Facebook or MySpace than to look into their eyes directly. As well as being a real pain in the neck, being absorbed by a Smartphone means getting reluctant to face-to-face communication and real life in general. In other words, cyber space becomes a sort of a substitution for love, friendship and any kind of personal or business relationship.

Smartphone zombies are getting more and more selfish, experts say. The situation is getting worse and worse. Checking social network for new ‘likes’ may seem more important for a typical zombie than looking here and there, when walking in the street. That is why you may see a ‘walking smartphone dead’ aggressively shouting at a stranger, he has just walked into because of distracted walking.

Although you might feel so tempted to check your Facebook inbox or Instagram feed (just like we all do) every spare moment, make sure to keep your device in your pocket when crossing the road or while you’re driving a car. Better safe than sorry, you know.


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