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Creative Writing Guide

September 11th, 2009 No comments

Working on a creative writing project and need a creative writing guide? Here is the short list to get you started: It comes from inside, you can find it, just sit down, and close your eyes, after you read this. First, every guide you find will tell you to write about the things you know. You can do that; however, that does not work for everyone – write about something you want to write, that will work better if you are not used to writing often. Remember, most of the creative essay writing guides are actually written by people who have been writing a long time.

I asked some people who have difficulties writing, here is what they suggest after this first step: do not ask the teacher for help. Second step, write down the first things that come to your mind, and pick one. Third step, if you do not have any ideas for any of the things you wrote, you can check online and see what things are there about the subject, or think about the things you know about it and make a new list. Fourth step: make all your information the body of the story, and think about a plot. Write an introduction that introduces your topic, the plot, and maybe the characters. Fifth step: Write the plot into the body with the information. Sixth step: Write the conclusion – it should be almost easy, but some of the recommendations are not to kill off all the characters to end the story. You would not be the first person, without an ending to the story, to blow-up the entire town and write β€œThe End.” Finally, the seventh step is to review the paper and check for errors. Now you know exactly how to write a creative essay in your school, high school, college or university.