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Bipolar Disorder Essay

September 14th, 2009 No comments

This essay is based on bipolar disorder in everyday people. Bipolar disorder is a mental illness is identified by intense and random mood swings. Most everyone effected by this illness go into relapse. This paper analyzes the research by Weisman et. al. (2002). They conducted a study on bipolar individuals, which consists of a three-element treatment. The segments include Psychoeducation, Communication Training, and Problem Solving.

Weisman et. al. (2002) wanted to discover whether their treatment was effective against the disorder and, to determine if their treatment would the likelihood of relapse. Weisman et. al. (2002) hypothesized that therapists rated as less competent or adherent to the treatment protocol will have more patients relapsing within one year of entering the treatment then more competent and/or adherent therapists. They also hypothesized, that when patients did relapse, therapists greater in competence and adherence would have patients who stayed well longer had less inpatient hospitalizations. Read more…