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Art History Essay

September 14th, 2009 No comments

Greek art was influence primarily by the uniqueness of the human being. The human figure gradually emerged as the dominant symbol in Greek culture. This is seen by the all the various sculptures that were created that specifically showed the beauty and strength of the human body. Greek sculpture evolved from an emphasis on geometry to an emphasis on naturalism. Greek art also attempted to imitate nature and life in vibrant and realistic human terms. The Greeks looked upon nature as possessing some sense of life. The Greeks were extremely attentive to the stars in the cosmos.

Gothic Art was mainly influence by the Greek and Roman traditions, brought together by Christianity. Gothic artist took on the Greek ideas that geometry was an important part of any true picture or image of reality. There was always a strong presence of religion, in particular Christianity in Gothic Art. The art always made reference to Christ, if not by an actually picture, by the symbol or number three to represent the trinity. The Middle Ages accepted the Greek description of the cosmos, but they also felted that Christ was behind it. Medieval ideology felt that all material things, from rocks to animals to human beings, are reflections and images of the presence of God. Read more…