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7 Steps to a Perfect Summary of Your Research Paper

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writing the essayTo accomplish a research paper perfectly one should take some essential steps. Doing a thorough research summary is an integral part of the process. In order to complete a perfect summary, one first should get the paper done. Then, check all of key ideas, and pack them into a short document.

Review Your Report

The best way to start working on the research paper summary is by conducting a detailed review of the project. As you dig deeper into it, make sure to extract the key ideas. In case you have organized your research project with headings and sections, the work will go faster and easier. When you focus on the main ideas of the report, stick to the essence of the idea to limit the point. If not, you will get drawn in an endless sea of information and your summary will turn into a mess.

Do the Literature Review

Go on with the literature review. Make certain to list down the most important arguments taken from the literature that has been reviewed in the research project, whether they support or go against the paper you’re summarizing.

Provide a Thesis Statement

If you want to create a perfectly-written summary, this is a must. Make certain to produce a thesis statement that clearly claims what you’re willing to achieve through your paper.

Follow Three Key Requirements

When working on a summary for your research project, there are three basic requirements to write in accordance with. First, the summary must cover the original as a whole. Second, this piece of text should be a condensed extract. And finally, the summary must be presented as the filtered and brief version of the material, discussed with your own words.

Provide the First Draft

Adjust the length of the first draft in accordance with the content order of the paper and how you’re going to use the summary later. Make sure to write about the methods, hypotheses and the results first, then go on to the introduction and discussion.

NEVER Make Unnecessary Remarks

Keep away from unnecessary and pointless remarks that have nothing to do with the research paper content while writing summaries. Do your best to write only on what is included in the project and, more importantly, keep to the point.

Put Your Opinion Aside

There is no need to provide your own points of view on the research paper. Keep in mind that you are not working on the position paper, but on a research paper summary.   

When you get to the research paper summary writing point, there are two things you should remember. The first is the importance of being brief. In case you give too many details, your reader will most likely lose his/her motivation to proceed to the full version of the project. Second, use the terms that require no explanation since any sort of extra definitions will only make your summary too long.

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