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Racism Essay: The Key Causes of Racism

There’s no need to state that racism is unacceptable and that it may have a lot of effects on a human being. Everyone knows that racism can not only destroy the self-esteem of a person, but also make him want to take revenge. Victims of racism get angry and face with the whole range of consequences of improper treatment. And while the consequences of racism can be seen here and there, one should take into account the basic causes of this phenomenon in order to avoid conflicts that sometimes can be dreadful.

The first cause can be related to the instinctive reaction for the protection of species. It’s not a secret that we tend to get closer to the people, who are similar to us in appearance and behavior. It’s natural for us to feel the danger when our culture, family or territory may be harmed by something or someone. That is why racism is a natural reaction of a human being when he is eager to protect everything mentioned above. Any element that happens to be completely strange for a particular group of individuals is automatically considered as inferior.

Fear… It’s natural for us to have a strong desire to keep our kind under protection. This, in turn, means that we are afraid of losing anything that makes us who we are (status, job, possession, territory, etc.). We have a strong fear of being simply replaced by anyone who is considered more significant than our own identity. The very moment we are replaced by someone, who is seen more appealing, we get a strong feeling of unworthiness. Fear is one of the most significant causes of racism today, especially when the question is about threatening of what is called the human rights.

One of the factors that may cause racism is ignorance. If a human being grows up constantly doing the same thing as everyone around, it is considered absolutely right even when it is seen to be morally wrong by the other individual, who does not have the same viewpoints. A group of people will never consider their actions as wrong for the reason that they see their actions and morally appropriate. In order to prevent the ignorance of this kind, one should be aware of his actions and what kind of consequences they may bring. As long as our ignorance continues to grow, racism won’t disappear.

Racism may be caused by lack of self-love. As a rule, people, who have a strongly pronounced racism treatment towards the others, appear to have no self-esteem and self-love. That is why he makes sure to throw all of his bitterness onto the other people, who seem to be weaker. When you truly love yourself and appreciate who you are as an individual, you appreciate everyone around. Racism grows from the strong feeling of being deprived of certain opportunities, being worthless and victimized. As a result, the person is looking for some scapegoat in order to get a quick feeling of superior. It’s not a surprise that usually the racist turns to be far weaker that his victim.

A cause of racism cannot be called a social act. It’s nothing but an individual act, which means it can be eliminated only by changing individual actions towards the other human beings.

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