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Othello Essay

Honourable lords and ladies of Venice we are gathered here today to remember the life of the courageous Othello. Many of you have come to mourn his death but I on the other hand have come here before you all to celebrate, not his passing away but as a tribute to his contribution to us, the people.

What a tragic way to end a proud and honourable role of dedication, leadership, and faithful servant to the people of Venice. Many of the people in this room today will agree with me in saying that Othello never permitted devious and cowardly acts, he was a man who believed in the importance to serve, and knew his role as gallant warrior of Venice. They were given to him for his tremendous traits. Whether they be from the art of hand to hand combat to the full protection and leadership of his people.

Being close to the great Othello I have shared many priceless and revealing moments with this intriguing leader. He once branded himself with the “Great ones,” of the world and I can truthfully state that Othello did it without showing any signs of being modest. His love for success proved to be an extremely powerful characteristic in gaining the support that he did. I could hardly praise Othello enough being centred constantly around him, he was a remarkable man, none the less. In my eyes, a man who’s actions did not seek respect but demanded it because there was nothing that people could give to him other that respect when faced by the outstanding achievements brought about by his actions. A man who backed his eloquent words with decisive actions will remain cherished in the hearts of the people forever.

His story will live on for centuries to come. It can be said that his charisma caused him to tower in sheer force and nobility above all others in Venice. Being his lieutenant I for one can honestly vouch for the truth in this statement.

Poor Othello, a man who loved not wisely but to much, a truer statement can never be said when describing Othello’s love for Desdemona. Desdemona and Othello’s love for each other was that of one of the passionate excesses of youth. For this reason Othello’s love for Desdemona, caused much jealousy and mistrust in him. The calm and tactical mind that was his as a general failed him as a compassionate and caring lover.

It amazes me that a man’s qualities can also be his weaknesses. Othello was a talented speaker, however it was passion that lead to him being mislead by words. How tragically ironic it is that a man so gifted with words can be deceived so easily be them. Oh what outrageous fortune,… how you could have avoided such a thing. My poor Othello, if only I knew what pain you were going through due to your mistrust, perhaps I could have done something to put your heart and mind at ease.

And now we shall all rise and give our last respects to the moor of Venice, A man of courage, nobility, charisma, intelligence and above all passion. He was a general of our fair state and we shall honour him as one. Othello, the state of Venice we never forget you. So let the soldiers take up his casket and the trumpets sing aloud for the heavens shall find Othello.

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