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How to Write a Good Thesis

A good thesis is developed with an understanding of the subject and the application of your problem statement. Completing a good thesis will require a great deal of research, staying organized is a key objective throughout the project. When you write a good thesis, it starts with a great proposal.

Your educational institute must approve your thesis proposal to begin the work. The reason you submit a proposal is to be certain that your chosen subject and thesis topic will fulfill the requirements of your degree, demonstrate application of learning, and potentially further your field of study. These are essential key points in a good thesis.

One way to begin is by reading through other dissertations that have been writing and accepted by colleges. Most often, your school library will have an online database such as ProQuest where you can find thesis papers written in your field. When reading these theses, you are looking for ideas; however, you should not duplicate any of the work you find. This is unprofessional and can upset your school if they discover you have repeated another student’s work. Make a short list of what subjects and topics the thesis works have already covered, and look for holes in the research. When you find items that have not been researched, check with the journal databases to see if any other professionals have published studies or articles regarding the issues you found were not covered in the thesis work you read.

Following this research, you will have a short list of thesis writing topics that are available for a unique thesis of your own. Review them carefully to be certain you do not select a topic that you cannot conduct research on, and then find a focal point using 1-3 articles that help you define your problem statement.

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