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How to Write a Good School Essay

Writing a good school essay requires that you develop your topic sentence using research that is easily duplicated by other writers or the reader. For example, use information from sources such as your school’s library or online sources approved by your instructor. Some schools do not allow sources such as Wikipedia, and other schools allow you to use that source as a starting point, but not as an academic source. Your topic must begin somewhere that defines your topic and sets you on the right path for writing your good school essay.

As you consider your essay topic sentence, ask yourself what your reader may want to know about the topic. Ask yourself if your reader may already know some of the necessary information, or should you provide some simplified definitions of the terms you are using. For example, if you decide to write about compassion fatigue, define the context you will use it – what field will you demonstrate this in – did you know that compassion fatigue is commonplace in nursing, call centers, and many customer-facing positions? Even servers in restaurants may experience this problem.

After you have defined your school essay or college essay topic and discovered what you would like to share with your reader, carefully outline your primary points. Each point should be part of a single paragraph – preceded by an introductory paragraph and followed by a conclusion paragraph that summarizes the points. Your good school essay can be completed quickly if you address each point individually before writing the introduction and conclusion. After you have written the essay, set it aside for at least a few hours before you try to edit it, this will give you a chance to take a “fresh” look and will assist you in finding any errors. Now you certainly know how to write a good school essay paper.

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