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How to Write a Good Personal Statement

September 17th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Everyone believes that the good personal statement must consist of the largest words in the English language, this is certainly not true. There is no evidence to support the need to write the 500-page essay, using words that your boss may have to find in the dictionary; however, it is also true that you should avoid jargon and street-slang. Your personal statement identifies you, which means if you cannot pronounce ebullient, you probably should not use it. Additionally, using words that are not part of common-speech should be avoided unless you want the reader to consider you pretentious and cursory. This is not to say that you can skip worrying about grammar and reading grade level of your work. It is true that an effective personal statement will be free of grammar errors, free of spelling errors, and a well-thought-out draft demonstrating your ability to be the best candidate for the position available.

How to write a good personal statement essay – start with a defining moment in your history, write it out on paper, refine it, prepare it, and demonstrate significance between that and your current goals to enter the organization (college, employment, other). Demonstrate critical thinking, using how you phrase your sentences. In addition to over using large words, many students or candidates like to demonstrate “causes” in their personal statements – unless you are certain the person reading your essay will support your cause, don’t use them. It will quickly have you eliminated from the running if they do not support your position, or if you do not support it well. Use character defining moments, politically correct motivations, and appropriate reading levels. Some places do want you to standout, just be careful how far out you are standing.

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