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How to Write a Good Coursework

Now time has come to analyzing steps and tips on how to write a good coursework. Let’s start with the basics – your coursework defines everything you will do in your course – from reading through writing. If your course assignment calls for equations and formulas you may need to think differently than if your course assignment asks for an essay or report. Many students struggle to develop assignments for coursework because they do not follow what the instructor or teacher is asking for and find the syllabus confusing. The first key you need is simple it is a plan – print the syllabus, set it beside your computer. Each date in the syllabus, mark it in your calendar, and create a file in your computer for your coursework. Do not use your My Documents, create a sub-folder, label it with your course name or code, and save ALL of your work to it, even rough drafts. Here is why, your coursework will demonstrate excellent learning if it demonstrates the building block steps that your course was developed to teach.

Read through your syllabus and see the following pattern – Your course is designed to A) introduce the topic/subject, B) relate history and people of the topic/subject, C) teach you how to use the key objectives of the course topic/subject, and finally D) to apply the learning to objectives you may fine when working in this particular topic/subject field. Some courses will teach you how to apply learning as part of the learning, which is found to be the most effective method. Each writing assignment you complete for your coursework needs to demonstrate that you have retained your previous learning, and that you have obtained the new learning. Now you know for sure how to prepare a good coursework.

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