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How to Write a Good Book Review

Writing a good book review includes understanding the intent of the author, if the author was successful in sharing their viewpoint, and if the author wrote in way that was easy to understand while still writing on the level that will be important to his or her target market. When you write a book review, consider this – Who is the intended audience? What did the author want to share with the audience? What was the primary intent of the work? Did the author successfully present the information in a way that would appeal to the target market? Did the author develop the flow to keep reading interesting? Or any number of similar questions. Not all book reviews will be a critical review of the subject in the book, but all reviews will be a critical analysis of how the information was presented. It is important while writing a book review to separate yourself from your particular viewpoints on the subject in the book, long enough to relate if the content was presented aesthetically and using quality writing.

After the initial evaluation of book review writing skill, you may wish to include in your review how successful the work was in developing your opinion of the subject or topic presented. Did it change your opinion on the topic? Did it influence your beliefs? Were you able to learn new information? When presenting this information in your book review, be certain to use professional language, because this will give power and reliability to the book review. Your book review can be a powerful piece if using professional language and reliable information. Now you know exactly how to write a good book review in your high school, college or university.

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