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How to Write a Good Book Report

September 1st, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Actually, if you have no idea how to write a good book report – you can be 100% sure our guidelines and useful tips will help you with writing academic book reports in your school, high school, college or university.

When you write a good book report you will always begin with the basics: Title, Author, Year of Publication, Publisher Name, and number of pages. In addition, you will write a short summary of the book. The first step is to read the book with the questions you must answer nearby. If your instructor has not given instructions for your book report, a good book report essay will summarize each chapter, provide important insights to how the primary theme is developed, note character development, and movement between moods, the protagonist, and other major characters. Additionally, be prepared to write about settings and point of view. If your book report is not regarding a book, short story, or other creative writing, the focus of the book report should include the topic sentence, focal points, evidence, and argument. Additionally, non-fiction pieces must include your evaluation of the conclusions.

It can be difficult to develop a good book report; however, diligence will get you through. Use Post its or a highlighter to mark important things in the story, or cues to items you will need to add in your book report paper. In addition, you should always write your summaries as soon as you have finished with the chapter or section; this is because it will be very easy to forget key points if not written immediately. Finally, be certain that as you work on your book report you consider things that your teacher or instructor have been discussing in class. Demonstrating how you found these key literature items in your reading will demonstrate application and retention of knowledge, for the best grades on your book reports. Now you know exactly how to prepare an effective book report. Good luck!

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