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Help on Book Report Writing

September 23rd, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

You’re assigned with an assignment to write a book report to show your professor you understood the book you’ve read. In other words, writing book report means you have to tell what you think about the book and its author.

A lot of professors have their own requirements on how to write a report on a book, that is why you have to get familiar with them. Nevertheless, writing book report includes some common tips and recommendations that may be helpful.

How to write a good report? Start with an introductive section.

Remember, the introduction should involve:

  • The author and the name of the book (for instance, “Romeo & Juliette” by William Shakespeare)
  • The reasons why you’ve given preference to this book
  • What type of story have you read? (fantasy/adventure/horror/family/detective etc)


Smoothly proceed to the body of the report. This section is for you to have enough space to describe the elements of the book: its plot, theme, characters, mood, settings etc. You can provide your personal viewpoints about the book after the description.

The plot of the book involves what is happening is the story. Point out the main conflict or event of the book. What has happened as a result? What happens at the end of the book? But be careful for it is not recommended to re-tell the whole story.

The characters of the book are individuals (sometimes non-human beings) the book is written about. The protagonist – that is how the leading character of the book is called. Describe him in detail and provide information about the other characters. Do they play any role in the story? Do they help the main character? Are they friends/enemies?

The place and the time when the events of the story take place are called the setting of the book. When all the events are happening in the story – long time ago or nowadays? Do the characters live in another country or in your motherland? Is it a real/imaginary world? How much years/months/weeks/hours passes in the book?

The key idea of the book is the theme. Among the examples, one can point out the importance of parents-kids relationship or how not to loose humanity in a big city. Tell your reader what you think about the theme of the book and why you think like that.

How to write a good report on a book? Answer the question below that may help you to cope with the task:

  • Do you find the story interesting? Why? And why not?
  • What’s your favourite part of the story and why do you like it?
  • What kind of feelings the book you’ve read has touched in you?
  • Would you recommend this book to someone?
  • Would you like to get familiar with the other works by this author?


Write a couple of sentences to end up and sum up what you’ve just said. Provide your opinion on the whole story and tell your reader what you’d like him to know about the book and give him the reason to want to read the story from cover to cover.

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