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Essay on Racism

September 3rd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Racism has occurred throughout the centuries. It comes in many different forms and acts but they fall under mental or physical. The best example of racism is against the African-American race. Blacks have been discriminated against severely throughout the Civil War period and the 1950’s and 1960’s. Royal Battle tells the small story of racism in its mental and physical forms.

Ralph Ellison is a prime example of how racism is towards the one discriminated against. Ellison’s incident is one that shows the physical side of racism more than the emotional. The rounding up off the blacks to entertain for the white’s around the ring shows the superiority and inequality of the society. It shows how the blacks have little status and how they have to work hard and like animals to get some cash. The whites on the other hand have money, throw it around like it grows on trees, and treat the blacks as though they are not even human beings.

Furthermore, as the chapter progresses along with the fight things start to get more brutal. They begin to blindfold all of the black men in the ring and they throw them all in there at once. They then begin to gang up on each other while the whites are looking on as though it was a dogfight, yelling at them and showing them complete disrespect. After they gang up on one man they then turn to the next until there are only two people left in the ring, Ellison and Tatlock who is the biggest man in the ring. They are then forced to fight until one of them knocks the other out and gets the prize.

In addition to the fight, there is an aftermath. The blacks all come back to the floor and they gather around on the floor. They form a circle around a rug and are told to get the money. However, the rug is electrified and the whites laugh at and make fun of the blacks that are trying to obtain the cash and change on the rug and floor. To add to it the whites show more disrespect by trying to throw them onto the rug, kicking, and hitting them. The blacks do not fight back though because they are so few against the crowd and they would get in serious amount of trouble due to the laws at the time.

Also, at the end of the story Ellison attempts to address a speech to the whites. When he starts to read the speech he begins to use a well rounded vocabulary and larger words. The whites then mock Ellison and degrade his character for using such words. They fear that he has the character and intelligence to be smarter than them so they figure if they make fun of him the moment he uses those words he will discontinue it and keep quiet or revert to smaller, simpler words. This shows the mental aspect of racism because it deals with degrading one’s character.

In conclusion, “Royal Battle” is a prime example of racism in both the physical and mental forms. Racism will continue to go on in our everyday lives because it is in all of our human individuality to discriminate or show prejudice in some way, shape, or form. “Royal Battle” shows how racism has been in the past but it also shows how the future might be. A world without racism would be the perfect world but our world is not the perfect world and will never be.

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