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How to easily write a Business plan

January 19th, 2012 No comments

Business plan is simply a guideline of how a particular business is fairing on or how a business plan is going to be started. In other terms, business plan is supposed to be a strategic tool that is used to develop the growth of a particular business in relation to the prevailing environment. The main agenda of writing a good business plan is to come up with action plans which strengthens the ongoing organization and relates the organization’s operation with the external links. In some countries, the government requires every business venture to come up with a business plan and it’s regarded as a legal document.

A well written Business plan is supposed to show the organization receives and manages its financial resources thereby acting as a checklist in which the financial flow is monitored and checked. There have been a lot of misconceptions about the business plan since most entrepreneurs conceptualize business plan as an entity to a new business. Business plan has been used in many organizations even by the non-profitable ones because it a basic managerial tool and any business are supposed to have its own.

The importance of a good business plan writing is that is shows the current organization’s asset as well as the liabilities these attributes must be included in every business plan. A well written custom papers will analyze the methods and strategies used by a fierce competitor in the business that is also doing the same products and services as the current organization. There are different methods of which a business plan can be written and this only depends with the complexity of the organization and the mode of its operation to the external environment. A good business plan must show how the organization is being funded either by equity or debt.

Book Report Writing Rules & Recommendations

January 10th, 2012 No comments

Sooner or later the majority of students will have to deal with writing school reports and book report writing is one of the tasks. One of the most important tips on how to write a book report is that you have to enjoy the reading process and never think about the report until the moment when you turn the last page. Next hot tip on writing school reports on books is that you, as the author, have to absorb and consider what it was that you read. Just walk around and think a bit, then sit down and start creating!

Receive the writing the writing assignment. Ask your tutor the questions about the project until your understand its nature completely. Do you have an opportunity to read any book you want, or it should be some specific subject, or even specific book? Is your task to simply summarize it or provide your viewpoint on it? Make sure you know the answers!

Read the book and do not forget to annotate. The other bright tip on how to write a book report is that you have pace yourself in the process of reading, never procrastinate. Avail on writing report example available on the web and you see that your task is to put down notes, highlight important sections, underline alluring lines. Do your best to appreciate the book: it can teach you something – all you have to do is to long for learning.

Make an outline for the book ideas and sub-ideas. You need to do that while the plot is still fresh in your memory. It will help you in organizing your thoughts and ideas for the book report.

  • What significant and important events are there in the book?
  • Who are the main characters of it? What did they do? Do they somehow change throughout the plot? What makes you like/dislike/hate some characters?
  • What kind of turning points have you noticed in the story?
  • Was the end of the book satisfying?

State the author of the book and its title in the first paragraph. Provide the key things you’re going to use in the body section paragraphs.

For the following several paragraphs, you have to refer to your tutor’s assignment sheet to decide what outline parts you’d like to expand on in the central part of the report.

  • Perhaps you may be required to provide your personal viewpoint on the book. Was the book good? What about it made the book bad or good, dull or powerful? You have an opportunity to make use of examples from the book in order to support your claims.

Write a conclusive section to wrap everything you’ve already provided up. Make a restatement of your thesis statement or main idea in your conclusion. Review the key idea and, if required, state your point of view.

Strategic Guidelines on Good Report Writing

December 19th, 2011 No comments

Writing a business report or creating a project for some other area, you need to first of all take the time to generate a plan for report writing. The specialists in writing a business report stick to the opinion that the amount of effort and planning you put into your project will show in the writing quality. Our quick guidelines of how to write a research report will help you to cope with per-writing, writing, editing, drafting, proofreading processes you should get through on the way to high quality paper.

Once you’ve made up your mind with the topic of the paper, your task is to gather material from a great number of sources  such as articles, books, interviews and reports. It is recommended to document the research source (chapter, title, database, research format and page number) in order to have the information for proper source citation.

One of the tips on how to write a good report is that you, as the author of the project, should read and make analysis of the research, circling, highlighting or underlining any important detail you meet.

The other important instruction on how to write a research report is to generate a report draft that is based in the outline you’ve worked out. Start with easy-to-follow and concise introductive section that will provide your reader with the purpose or idea of the report. Every paragraph of your project should start with a main idea, and follow with support material taken from research collected and citing sources as they are utilized. End up the report by providing the restatement of the purpose or the idea of the project.

Make sure to edit and review the report. Focus on logic, organization, proper sources citation, grammar and whether your work supports the purpose and answers all the questions your reader may face with on the topic. Revise your project is necessary and proofread it by identifying any errors in spelling, grammar or style mechanics.

Work on a title, or cover, sheet for the paper. Provide the report title, date and author’s name.

Avail of online writing service tips on how to write a good report in case you cannot cope with the given task.

Custom University Research Papers

November 24th, 2011 No comments

The case study lays emphasis on individual precaution on the workplace risks.

Administrative controls: The custom university research papers administration should minimize and regulate the exposure through limited dose of the available drugs. The case study practice ensures that there are limited exposures to the patients as the commission may recommend.

Notably, the case study driver that is used in the report is the fifth one that states, “Being safe – High level of personal safety, both physical and physiological, Emotional stability and a feeling of being protected by the system”, case study. The driver is chose because it is relevant to the report and outlines the need for personal safety in the workplace. Under the personal safety, the workers think that the workplace system protects them. Indeed, example research papers safety is a precondition for the workplace practices, to minimize the injuries that the workers sustain in the process of their duties.

Indeed, the work-site safety has a lot of benefits to the company. First, when the workers follow the safety guidelines, they minimize injuries that are prone in workplaces. For example, wearing gloves and helmets reduces case study cases of bruises, machine cuts and shield the head from other falling object. Secondly, wearing dust and ear masks help the worker from inhaling poisonous substances, and protect the ear from excessive sound of the running machines respectively. Thirdly, wearing gumboots in the workplace, specifically in case study mining companies protests the case study worker from stepping on dangerous chemicals and piercing materials that may be scattered all over the mining site. In addition, case study help equipping the site with fire extinguishers might help in putting off occasional fires, which result from explosions.

Working on School Report: Fast, Easy & Painless!

November 16th, 2011 No comments

Have you ever woken up dripping with cold sweat thinking about how to cope with writing school reports tasks? Writing school reports may be quite challenging unless you have good writing report example to follow or useful tips on how to write a book report to avail of.

We have generated a number of pieces of advice on how to write a book report within the deadline you can use any time.

You’re assigned with book report writing task to show your professor how well you’ve understood the main idea of the book and provide him with your point of view on it. A lot of professors provide their own rules related to what a book report should be like, so make certain to 100% follow them. Still there are very common rules provided below.

  • Start with an introduction.

Make sure an introductive section includes an underlined title and the author of the book. Besides, you should obviously tell your reader why you’ve given preference to this very book. What kind of story it tells? Family? True life? Adventure? Fantasy? Scary?

  • Proceed to the body paragraph.

This section is provided so that you could make descriptions for the main parts of the story: its plot, theme, characters and the settings. Ten you may provide your viewpoints on the book.

The plot is what is happening in the book. Your task is to tell about what the book you’ve read is about. What is the central conflict or even of the story? What was the cause for it? What kind of consequences followed it? What kind of ending the story has? (Sometimes it is better to make an understatement of the ending). Make sure you do not simply re-tell the book plot in detail – you should write about the other things too. All you’re required to do is to say enough about the story so that the rest of your project will make sense.

The characters are who the book is written about. The main character of the story is the protagonist. Are there any other characters that participate in the events? Are they friends/foes of the protagonist?

The theme represents the key idea of the book. Some examples may be how to stay brave through hard times or how important friendship is in our life.

The setting covers the place and the time frames when the story happens. Did everything mentioned in the book happened long time ago? A century ago? 2 years ago? Is it happening now? Does it take place on the territory of your country or abroad?

When you’re done with book summarization you may share your viewpoints by answering a list of questions:

  • Is the book to your liking? Why? Or why not?
  • What part of the book you like the most?
  • What kind of feelings the book stirred up? Did you feel differently at different parts of the story?
  • Would you like to get familiar with the other books of this author?
  • Would you recommend this story to your pals?
  • Sum up your project with a short and specific conclusion.

Provide a 2-3 sentences to summarize everything you’ve described in the story. Share your overall point of view on the book and the most significant fact you’d like your readers to know.

Custom Writing Dissertations

November 2nd, 2011 No comments

In the United States of America, students wanted to obtain their doctorate usually write a dissertation which details all of the work that they have put into their topic. A dissertation is an extremely specific document which has to be formatted and written in a certain manner in order for the student to obtain their doctorate degree. The dissertation should be the final, polished product of all of the candidate’s studies. Writing dissertations is an extremely time consuming matter. Also, it can be very stressful since the candidate might want to collaborate with others who are already in the field and have to wait for their responses and input.

The dissertation is the final product and the candidate should be familiar with all aspects of their dissertation. The candidate should also not forget that their dissertation will probably have weaknesses. The candidate must become familiar with the weaknesses of their dissertation and come up with possible defenses for them. In the end, the applicant must defend their dissertation before a panel of judges. It is very important for the applicant, after putting so much effort into paper writing their dissertation, to be able to defend their paper adequately. An inadequate defense could lead to the applicant’s dissertation not passing and then the applicant would either have to continue working on it or choose to set another time to defend it before the panel. However, failing to defend the custom paper properly could allow the applicant to take the advice of the panel and experience of the defense in order to rework their paper as much as they can for the next time.

How to Write Management Report

September 26th, 2011 No comments

How to write a research report on management? You can avail of report writing template available on the web OR, if you want your readers to change their viewpoints, you have to lead them up to this changes, but then provide them with an opportunity to take the last step on their own.

The point is that people more easily change their opinions when they think that they have come up to this change on their own and no one forced them to do so. Nevertheless, very often this method does not work for the reason that it is quite difficult to make even intelligent person to distinguish the implications behind the facts if you have left them unsaid.

How to write a research report on management: simple tips

The rule that you have to state the conclusions of the report doesn’t work well under certain conditions. For instance, if the audience if suspicious and quite hostile, they are likely to find your report as some sort of “propaganda”. If your audience is sophisticated, it may identify your conclusions as some sort of insult to its intelligence even if the conclusions of the report were left unsaid your audience may think that you, as the author, have kept something from it.

Sometimes it DOES matter whether the conclusions of the management report were stated or not. For instance, when some issues are simple enough so that ever reader will make out almost right away what kind of viewpoint you are trying to get him to adopt, there’s no need to worry about the conclusions.  But anytime when the author of the essay do not know how intelligent his readers are, or how understandable his arguments are, it would be safe to share conclusions, and not just imply them.

The final points to take into consideration in you report on management

There are a lot of other viewpoints that are the indications of the superiority of appeal emotional type, and just as many points of view which find more rational appeal. Some difficulties in report conclusions drawing lie in the lack of agreement between the author of the management report and his co-workers on how rational and emotional appeals are to be described and differentiate from each other. Nonetheless, the two types of appeals could not be called exclusive options. For instance, an emotional appeal can sparkle an interest in some person enough in a particular problem to make this person want to analyze and examine the facts.

You may think that there is no particular rule related to what appeal you should use writing a report format. Many things depend on the issue you need to discover, and the management report readers or listeners.

We hope that our article has contributed to the process of writing a report format and helped you to get on the right path to success!

Help on Book Report Writing

September 23rd, 2011 No comments

You’re assigned with an assignment to write a book report to show your professor you understood the book you’ve read. In other words, writing book report means you have to tell what you think about the book and its author.

A lot of professors have their own requirements on how to write a report on a book, that is why you have to get familiar with them. Nevertheless, writing book report includes some common tips and recommendations that may be helpful.

How to write a good report? Start with an introductive section.

Remember, the introduction should involve:

  • The author and the name of the book (for instance, “Romeo & Juliette” by William Shakespeare)
  • The reasons why you’ve given preference to this book
  • What type of story have you read? (fantasy/adventure/horror/family/detective etc)


Smoothly proceed to the body of the report. This section is for you to have enough space to describe the elements of the book: its plot, theme, characters, mood, settings etc. You can provide your personal viewpoints about the book after the description.

The plot of the book involves what is happening is the story. Point out the main conflict or event of the book. What has happened as a result? What happens at the end of the book? But be careful for it is not recommended to re-tell the whole story.

The characters of the book are individuals (sometimes non-human beings) the book is written about. The protagonist – that is how the leading character of the book is called. Describe him in detail and provide information about the other characters. Do they play any role in the story? Do they help the main character? Are they friends/enemies?

The place and the time when the events of the story take place are called the setting of the book. When all the events are happening in the story – long time ago or nowadays? Do the characters live in another country or in your motherland? Is it a real/imaginary world? How much years/months/weeks/hours passes in the book?

The key idea of the book is the theme. Among the examples, one can point out the importance of parents-kids relationship or how not to loose humanity in a big city. Tell your reader what you think about the theme of the book and why you think like that.

How to write a good report on a book? Answer the question below that may help you to cope with the task:

  • Do you find the story interesting? Why? And why not?
  • What’s your favourite part of the story and why do you like it?
  • What kind of feelings the book you’ve read has touched in you?
  • Would you recommend this book to someone?
  • Would you like to get familiar with the other works by this author?


Write a couple of sentences to end up and sum up what you’ve just said. Provide your opinion on the whole story and tell your reader what you’d like him to know about the book and give him the reason to want to read the story from cover to cover.

Writing a Business Report in 8 Simple Steps

September 1st, 2011 No comments

People are often found searching on questions like how to write a research report or how to write a good report etc. Before we talk about how to write a research report, it is important to understand what a report actually is. A report is based on fact and it is written to inform the reader about a certain thing.

Writing business report is not at all difficult once you understand the correct format of writing it.

  1. Make the first page your title page. It should have your report title, your full name and the date on which you are supposed to submit it.
  2. Proceed with writing an executive summary. This is for those readers who do not have much time to go through the whole report. Write an overview of the report and summarize the conclusion. Mention the important recommendations etc. All this should be done in one single page.
  3. Make a table of contents in which you should include all the topics with their page numbers.
  4. Write an introduction and in which you are suppose to introduce what the following pages are about.
  5. The body is supposed to have headings and subheadings giving the reader a clear picture of what that particular section is about. This is the main part of your report and all the important details should be written here.
  6. Conclude your main body in the end. Keep it short and do not write any irrelevant thing.
  7. Write recommendations from which the reader would take help to solve the issues mentioned in the report. Make sure you have checked them as the reader might follow them. Write it in bullet form to make it easy for the reader to read.
  8. In the end, there should be an appendix where you should give a detailed account of all the resources which you have used to build your report.

Follow these steps and writing a business report would not be a difficulty anymore.

Essay Writing Service by Experienced Professionals

August 16th, 2010 No comments

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