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How to Present a Thesis Statement in an Essay

January 14th, 2016 No comments

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Whether you’re working on a research paper or a short essay, the thesis statement will require the most of your time and knowledge to formulate. An efficiently written thesis statement shows clearly what the purpose of the paper is and also functions to assert control and structure of the whole argument. In case your essay lacks strong thesis statement, it will most likely be weak and uninteresting.

Make Sure to State Your Thesis Correctly

This piece of essay puts into words the argument you would like to make in the project. It is similar to the road map since it provides your readers with the direction of your analysis and how you are going to interpret the subject importance. In other words, a clearly written thesis statement gives the most precise answer to the question, ‘What is the essay about?’

Being Specific Is a Must

The thesis statement of the essay must be limited to what can be written in a specified number of project pages. Polish your topic in order to get right to its core. Being specific here means to create a top-class paper in contrast to writing about general issues.

Thesis Must Include Your Comment on the Issue

The thesis statement of the essay must be used to not only reveal the topic, but to also show up what position you, as the author, stick to in relation to the topic. To cut it, instead of stating and re-stating some general facts about a subject, make certain to decide what you have in store to say.

Avoid Quoting

Instead of using somebody else’s words, ensure to include yours. Generating a memorable and unique thesis statement will hook the readers and make a distinct impression on them. You will most likely lose trustworthiness as a writer in case you copy-paste instead of crafting your own text. Grab your audience with your own words.

Know the Right Place for the Thesis Statement

Taking into account the role that the thesis statement plays, it must be placed directly at the beginning of the essay (typically, at the end of the 1st paragraph). However, even though the thesis statement is usually placed at the end of the essay’s first paragraph, its location also depends on the length of the essay or the introduction part.

Thesis Statement Should Include 1-2 Sentences

Since thesis statement of the essay must be to-the-point and clear, it should include no more than one or two sentences. This will help your readers to easily identify the topic and direction of the essay, and your viewpoint on the subject.

Keep to the Rigid Structure

This will help you to keep your thesis statement within the acceptable length and will provide you with a clear view of how the whole structure looks. The thesis of the essay must include two parts: a clear topic and a short summary of what you’re going to say.

A perfectly created thesis for the essay is the reflection of perfectly crafted ideas. It is the proof that the author of the essay is committed, intelligent and credible.

How to Write a Good Thesis

August 20th, 2009 No comments

A good thesis is developed with an understanding of the subject and the application of your problem statement. Completing a good thesis will require a great deal of research, staying organized is a key objective throughout the project. When you write a good thesis, it starts with a great proposal.

Your educational institute must approve your thesis proposal to begin the work. The reason you submit a proposal is to be certain that your chosen subject and thesis topic will fulfill the requirements of your degree, demonstrate application of learning, and potentially further your field of study. These are essential key points in a good thesis.

One way to begin is by reading through other dissertations that have been writing and accepted by colleges. Most often, your school library will have an online database such as ProQuest where you can find thesis papers written in your field. When reading these theses, you are looking for ideas; however, you should not duplicate any of the work you find. This is unprofessional and can upset your school if they discover you have repeated another student’s work. Make a short list of what subjects and topics the thesis works have already covered, and look for holes in the research. When you find items that have not been researched, check with the journal databases to see if any other professionals have published studies or articles regarding the issues you found were not covered in the thesis work you read.

Following this research, you will have a short list of thesis writing topics that are available for a unique thesis of your own. Review them carefully to be certain you do not select a topic that you cannot conduct research on, and then find a focal point using 1-3 articles that help you define your problem statement.