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Repetition in Writing Is Bad. So, Let’s Call It “Parallelism”

December 16th, 2015 No comments

stylistic devicesParallelism is a special tool that is used to make some of the moments in literature both – alluring and memorable. Make sure to know all the points that make parallelism such a crucial and powerful device.

Have you ever wondered why some of the quotations are easier to keep in mind than the others? Why some of the speeches leave more significant impact than the ones delivered by the other people? Just take a look at the famous speech of Martin Luther King – “I Have a Dream”. Just read the following: “‘I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today?

Without a doubt, you do not remember the speech from A to Z, but you may know some of its parts, as well as the ultimate point that King’s speech was famous for. To cut the story, the success of the King’s speech is due to its part that includes a fantastic use of parallelism. When the matter concerns parallelism, the question is about a special literary device, in which the sentence segments are grammatically the same or are pretty similar in its construction. It can be any phrase, word or even the whole sentence that can be repeated. The widely known “I have a dream” repetition from the King’s speech turns the speech into a rhythmic and charming piece, as well as never-to-be-forgotten.

The classification of repetition is maintained in accordance with the compositional patterns. There are actually nine different patterns but we will discuss several of them within the frames of repetition.


This is what they call anaphoric repetition or the repetition of any phrase or any word that is placed at the beginning of several consecutive sentences (better for her, better for him). Rather often the anaphoric repetition is used in poetry than in the prose.


When it comes to epiphora, the matter relates to the epiphoric repetition, which is the kind of repetition, when the same phrase or the same word is placed at the consecutive sentences end. This literature tool contributes even more to the rhythmic organization of a speech since the intonation increases and there’s solid identity at the sentences final position. A good example of epiphora can be viewed in the famous TV series “Dr. House”, when Dr. Wilson says: “I’ve gottа be your dаmn conscience. I’m tired of being your conscience. I don’t enjoy being your conscience” to his colleague.


Framing is considered a kind of repetition that is built in the form of a frame, that is to say – the syntactical unit initial parts, usually in a paragraph and are repeated right at the paragraph end.

Chain repetition

“They strangers, and we strangers; they a pair,

And we a solitary pair like them.” (William Wordsworth). That’s the example of what they call chain repetition. This kind of repetition is used to smoothly develop logical reasoning. In other words, the writer is actually arranging a thread of a couple of successive anadiplosis.

In conclusion it can be said that all exiting kinds of repetition have their own emotional loading that sometimes is supposed to cause strong emotions, in other words – to make emotions arise subconsciously.

Hedging: a Tool to Make Your Essay Academic

August 14th, 2015 No comments

academic writingAcademic writing has a variety of linguistic means and today we are going to examine one of them in detail. There are times when the writer has to use a so called tentative language which is per se an unassertive way of making claims and interpreting ideas so to say. This way the author sounds less categorical regarding borrowed opinions and general facts. This linguistic tool is called hedging and is applied in academic writing in order to distance oneself from stating uncorroborated facts. As a result, besides its formality, hedging is an impersonal construction devoid of pronouns “you”, “we”, “I” etc. It is rather significant for it has several types and can be widely used.

Hedging with verbs

The verbs “to appear” and “to seem” are put to use whenever it is necessary to relieve oneself of responsibility for the stated words.

It seems that people finally understand the problem of global pollution and start to take action.
It appears that the news reports are talking about the same thing today.

The profit of the company seems to be growing.

The cyclone appears to be changing.

This way the assumptions sound quite dependable because they create the impression of being based on trustworthy sources. However, they don’t seem too absolute in case they turn up to be wrong.

You could also use the modal verb “would” to make everything even more distant.

It would seem that his siblings also claim an interest in property.

It would appear that officials haven’t made a decision yet.

The joint-stock company would seem to be preparing for selling its shares.

They would appear to have troubles with paying taxes.

Hedging with noun phrases

It is natural that noun phrases with a tentative meaning are applied in this kind of hedging because they have the same purpose as the previous type of the academic writing tool..

There is little chance that this candidate will win this year elections.

There is some doubt on the subject of educational reforms as it is a very serious step.

There is no evidence that this politician has committed a crime.

There is a substantial percentage of people who take medication without prescription.

Hedging with the passive

The passive voice is a well-known means of reporting with a distinct pragmatic meaning. It is the perfect construction to hedge in academic papers.

It is widely recognized that the future depends on the Net generation.

It is believed that the cause of the fire wasn’t accidental.

It is not known if the judge has made his decision in favour of the accused.

It has been shown that the findings of the research are very crucial for the science world.

Obviously, all the above mentioned ways of hedging make writing academically “decorated” and they are to be used when it is essential to render facts in an ambiguous perspective.

Why Do I Write an Essay?

August 14th, 2015 No comments

writing“Why do I have to write an essay? Why is it an essay? Why me?
sounds familiar, does it? Essay writing has always been a kind of challenging and tiresome assignment for the students of all academic levels. Taking into account the fact that usually the essays are used as an easy-to-apply method to test students’ analytical and writing skills, fluency with the written language, as well as literacy, the task usually causes unrest in the college masses. Moreover, for the students, who are having difficulties with just a simple constructing of a small paragraph, the essay writing turns into a real disaster. As a rule, these students don’t have the slightest idea of what they are actually doing. They consider an essay as a part of the academic torture that the tutor has invented for them personally. In other words, they write with zero purpose.

The Essay Purpose – What Is it for?

When the focus is on the essay purpose, it is usually defined as a solid reason why you’re writing the paper. Discovering the essay purpose is one of the basic challenges you will have to handle. Most often, there is one or more of the following essay purposes: to entertain, to inform, to analyze, to call the target audience to action, to argue, to recommend, to change certain attitudes, to persuade, etc. Knowing the right purpose of your essay is a tricky thing. However, you may be lucky enough if your instructor specifies what kind of project she’s expecting from you. But when you’re facing the freedom to work on the essay of any type, you may have difficulties while identifying the right purpose. The tips listed below will guide you through the process and help you to come up with the essay purpose.

Purpose #1: to Inform

When your essay must inform you readers on a certain matter, you have to provide your readers with information that they do not have. Thus, your number one task is to name the facts, not provide your personal viewpoints on the subject. As an example of the informative essay, one may name the paper that is focused on how to buy a house. If you’re going to perform an essay research, make sure to take information from the trustworthy resources only.

Purpose #2: to Persuade

Are you writing to persuade? In such case your aim is to make your readers take an action (or have a strong desire to take it) – based exclusively on what you have written. For instance, you may persuade your readers to vote for your campaign in your essay.

Purpose #3: to Explain

When you are required to write in order to explain, your task is to help your target audience get an idea of a situation or a process. As an example of the essay of this type one can name the essay on how to organize a birthday party for a kid. However, if you’re asked to provide explanations on any issue, make sure to choose the one that you’re well aware of.

Purpose #4: to Entertain

This is a great chance to give your reader a stunning emotional experience. Among the most successful essays written for an entertaining purpose the ones dedicated to the most embarrassing moment in your life or the most unusual journey you have ever had. Knowing the purpose of the essay will make your path less rough.

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Emphatic Structures in Argumentative Essay

June 30th, 2015 No comments

machina logoWorking on an argumentative essay for the college or university task? Or, perhaps, you know that an argumentative essay will be the part of the exam? In any case, you, as the author of the project, would probably like to add some emphasis to the essay content. There are various ways of how one can add emphasis to the argumentative essay. For instance, you can make use of the forms described below in order to emphasize your statements while expressing your viewpoints on the subject, making some well reasoned suggestions, disagreeing, expressing frustration and so on.

“It was” or “It is” construction…

As a rule, when we see the sentences that are introduced by the constructions “It was” or “It is”, it is usually because the author wants to put emphasis on a certain object or subject. Then the relative pronoun goes, right after the clause that is called introductory. For instance: “It was she who broke the window. It is the cold rainy weather that calms her down.”

“What” sentence introduction…

When there’s a clause starting with “What”, it is also used by the writers in order to put emphasis on a certain object or subject. The clause that is introduced with the help of “What” is applied at the sentence subject as is followed by “to be”. For instance: “What she says isn’t useful for kids. What they crave for is a skillful assistant.”

Strong emphasize with “Do” and “Did”…

You have surely dealt with the auxiliary verbs “Do” and “Did” that, as everyone tends to believe, do not have positive meaning. For instance: “She visited the museum. NOT She did visit the museum.” But the fact is that once you need to strongly emphasize some aspect these auxiliary verbs can be easily applied. For instance: “Alexander did meet Angelina. I do believe that we all can go to Paris next year.” Remember that this form is usually used in order to state that something is opposite to the beliefs of the other individual.


In general, inversion in English argumentative essays can be used in questions. In all the other cases, the use of inversion is usually optional. Besides, the writers must be careful when dealing with it in order to avoid overusing since in such case inversion can sound too strange. It is an obvious thing that the number one purpose of inverting verbs and subjects is to put the direct emphasis on what the author finds the most crucial segment of the sentence at a particular time. Typically, inversion takes place either after certain sentence patterns (for instance, no sooner than) or some lead words (for instance, nor, never).

Passive constructions…

In this case the author is about to emphasis not who did it, but what actually happened. For instance: “All words about the wedding have been said by the guests. This hotel room will be booked by a famous rock star.”


When the question is about using fronting in an argumentative essay, the author usually changes the order of the sentence words to start with a cause that typically never comes first. For instance: “Where he took this money from, I have no idea. Difficult as it may seem, it is not the hardest task to cope with.”

Personal Statement Writing Service

October 7th, 2011 No comments

Personal statement provides an avenue where an individual gets a chance to sell his attributes and other desirable traits to either a job or an institution of higher learning. The writing skill desired in a personal statement should be sturdy in information presented, as this is the indirect meeting with the selection board. This is why paper writing service becomes a handy tool. The paper writing service also assists you with information needed in case of an oral interview.

Personal statement provides a way of convincing the panel to accept your request as per your application. It is therefore important that the picture printed of self should be as real and convincing as possible. Paper writing service can just provide that without the jostle of worrying too much about. All one needs to do is to identify a paper writing service that will make personal statement writing a pleasant experience.

A trusted paper writing service can provide personal statement that reveals all your abilities in a clear, consistent and appealing way. Our personal statement writing service endeavors to provide just that. Your personal statement is written for you and research about the company and or the institution’s demands on a personal statement is accurately done on your behalf at our paper writing service.

An alternative is also provided in our personal statement service policies, for those who only need drafts or samples to help them do their own personal statement. The paper writing service in this case selects a different sample and ensures the personal statement selected meets your precise needs. Take a breath in your search because here you will get all you most wanted.

Writing Book Reviews

September 30th, 2011 No comments

A book review can be defined as a critical analysis, evaluation and description of the meaning and quality of a book. When writing book reviews, one should keep in mind that a book review is not a retelling but instead, is a reaction paper about a certain book that mainly identifies and analyzes the books strengths and weaknesses.

A book review should also have a statement or two that explains what the writer of the book being review has attempted to accomplish in the book and evaluate how well the writer has done so. This statement should be backed by evidence found in the book. There is no particular procedure to follow when writing a book review because a book review is very personal and is written mainly to express the reviewer’s opinion. Even so, there are a number of things that may be included in a book review to make the review appear like a thorough review of the book.

A book review may begin by writing a statement that overviews important information about the book including its author, title, date and place of publication and its special features, to mention but a few. The book review should then state the reviewer’s opinion of what purpose the book was written to satisfy and follow this with an explanation of by the book’s thesis and theme, supported by explanations about how the author supported the thesis.

A book review essay should conclude with a brief analysis and comment about the book.

Help on Book Report Writing

September 23rd, 2011 No comments

You’re assigned with an assignment to write a book report to show your professor you understood the book you’ve read. In other words, writing book report means you have to tell what you think about the book and its author.

A lot of professors have their own requirements on how to write a report on a book, that is why you have to get familiar with them. Nevertheless, writing book report includes some common tips and recommendations that may be helpful.

How to write a good report? Start with an introductive section.

Remember, the introduction should involve:

  • The author and the name of the book (for instance, “Romeo & Juliette” by William Shakespeare)
  • The reasons why you’ve given preference to this book
  • What type of story have you read? (fantasy/adventure/horror/family/detective etc)


Smoothly proceed to the body of the report. This section is for you to have enough space to describe the elements of the book: its plot, theme, characters, mood, settings etc. You can provide your personal viewpoints about the book after the description.

The plot of the book involves what is happening is the story. Point out the main conflict or event of the book. What has happened as a result? What happens at the end of the book? But be careful for it is not recommended to re-tell the whole story.

The characters of the book are individuals (sometimes non-human beings) the book is written about. The protagonist – that is how the leading character of the book is called. Describe him in detail and provide information about the other characters. Do they play any role in the story? Do they help the main character? Are they friends/enemies?

The place and the time when the events of the story take place are called the setting of the book. When all the events are happening in the story – long time ago or nowadays? Do the characters live in another country or in your motherland? Is it a real/imaginary world? How much years/months/weeks/hours passes in the book?

The key idea of the book is the theme. Among the examples, one can point out the importance of parents-kids relationship or how not to loose humanity in a big city. Tell your reader what you think about the theme of the book and why you think like that.

How to write a good report on a book? Answer the question below that may help you to cope with the task:

  • Do you find the story interesting? Why? And why not?
  • What’s your favourite part of the story and why do you like it?
  • What kind of feelings the book you’ve read has touched in you?
  • Would you recommend this book to someone?
  • Would you like to get familiar with the other works by this author?


Write a couple of sentences to end up and sum up what you’ve just said. Provide your opinion on the whole story and tell your reader what you’d like him to know about the book and give him the reason to want to read the story from cover to cover.

Admission Essay Writing

September 22nd, 2011 No comments

In many institutions, it is required of a student applying for a position in graduate school to write an admission essay which together with the student’s academic background, will be considered by the admission committee in deciding which students secure positions in the institution. An admission essay is a personal statement that paints a clear picture of who the student really is to the admission committee by providing a lot of information, mostly personal, which is not included anywhere else in the application. A transcript serves the purpose of showing the admissions committee your academic potential but does not tell them your goals or the reason behind the application for admission in the institution and this is to be explained in detail by the admission essay. With the ever growing numbers of students applying for limited spots in educational institutions, a good admission essay may just be the factor that helps the committee determine which students should be admitted.

Most admission committees usually request students to write an admission essay that responds to specific information such as commenting on their backgrounds and how these have shaped their lives, while some ask applicants to write a generic admission essay about how current experiences may shape the students future. Either way, before writing one’s admission essay, it is important that one understands one’s goals and how life experiences influence one’s future. One should also ensure that one includes all the information required by the admission panel in the admission essay. Many students have no idea how to write a good admission essay – that’s why they contact admission essay writing companies to have their paper written by professional writers.

How to Write a Report on a Book?

May 25th, 2011 No comments

Writing a report on a book requires summarizing a great deal of information in several pages only. When writing a report, what you have to do is to extract the key ideas from the book and make an analysis of it. No matter if you’re writing a business report example or a literature report, you have to make it to be a presentable report. Follow these simple steps of how to write a report on a book and make the assignment easier.

  • State the main point of the book: Why did the author write the book? Or for fiction, give a brief plot summary.
  • Make notes in the process of reading the book. Mark the pages with the Post-it flags in order to remember important quotes later.
  • Put all the notes you have made in a logical order and have them by your side together with the book as you work on the report.
  • Put a question to yourself “What info would I like to know about the book I have read?”. You may look through the notes you have written down, they will help you to make up your mind concerning what is of a greater importance and what can be skipped.
  • Develop an outline for the plot of the book. If you’re working with fiction literature, you may point out the main dramatic moments of the book.
  • When writing a report one should follow the outline. Make sure your paper includes a proper balance of the specific and the general. Remember, a good book report is the one that includes general book’s significance overview and as much as necessary details to avoid too much abstraction.
  • Make a summery of the book significance. Was this book a contribution to the literature world and the life of people? Did the author bring some answers to the timeless life questions?

To make sure you’re on the right way, you may consult online writing service. Professional websites will offer different types of work from writing a business report example to developing a high quality dissertation. Make sure you have chosen the right way to the highest grades!

How to Write a Good Admission Essay

October 20th, 2009 No comments

You are working hard to keep your grades up and your activities demonstrative of a professional interested in succeeding in the college world. Now you have to write your admission essay, a good admission essay. You know it is important – you know it can mean a yes or no; however, that is exactly the problem. You are too worried.

Sit down and say to yourself – I am writing myself a note; or I am writing a note to my great, great, great grandparents so they will know whom I am. This may seem silly; however, it will help a lot. You should pretend that you could send the note back in time to thank you ancestors for who you became. This letter, it is not going to be read by anyone but your relatives and you want your relatives to be very proud of you. You should write something that has happened that demonstrates the great genetics and great success that you have inherited from the amazing people who pioneered the successes that lead to your existence.

Consider something that is important to you, but something that you have done or been a part of that demonstrates your priorities. This is important, because you cannot send a book back in time – only a page or two. In that page, you want your ancestors to know that they have great children in the future. Highlighting a great event in your life will do this. Consider a time you helped another person succeed, or a time you contributed to a great project in school. Describe the situation using your own words and how it made you a better person. When you are done, change the letter in only one way – make it address read the people’s names that you need for your admissions essay.