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Essay Sample on 6 Solid Facts about Nutrition

January 28th, 2016 No comments

healthy foodsIf you’re about to bring some changes into your everyday menu, you will be surprised by the fact that usually common sense is absent when it comes to nutrition. Sad but true, all kinds of myths and unexpectedly weird misconceptions are deeply rooted into the modern society. Moreover, even the so-called experts tend to spread nutrition facts that are completely misleading.
Here are 10 nutrition facts that should be considered by the healthy lifestyle fans:

There’s no need to eat every 3 hours in order to lose weight.

According to the latest investigations, more frequent and smaller meals have no particular effect on human’s health, as well as on fat burning. Studies have shown that eating every 3 hours is pointless for most individuals. What experts say is that you have to eat whenever you feel like, but the foods must be both – nutritious and healthy.

Meat rots in your colon – false!

Experts prove that human’s body is actually able to both – absorb and digest all nutrients that come from meat. Stomach acids help to break the protein down, while powerful digestive enzymes will break down everything else in the small intestine. Then, all nutrients, fats and proteins are transferred directly into the human body. In other words, there’s nothing that can rot in your colon.

Most cereals do not meet the national nutrition standards.

Bad news for parents: the majority of cereals manufactured for the little ones contain more sugar, calories and salt (as well as less protein and fiber) than the other cereals available nowadays.

More sugary drinks – more fat!

Sugar, sugar, sugar is everywhere and the fact that now it has a liquid form as well makes the situation even worse. The problem with sugary drinks is that human’s brain does not compensate for the calories through consuming less of the other meals. This means that our brain doesn’t ‘register’ all of these calories. Overall, this makes you consume more calories.

Eating in accordance with the rainbow colors is healthy.

Remember, the more colors are there in your plate, the more important nutrients you provide your body with. The yellows, reds, greens, blues and oranges of vegetables and fruits – all these are a must for a healthy diet.

Cholesterol is your friend?

Well, not an enemy at least. What we used to call ‘cholesterol’ is not cholesterol at all. When the conversation is about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cholesterol, people actually mean proteins that transport cholesterol all over the organism. From now on, keep in mind that cholesterol is not what you’re supposed to be afraid of. What can increase the risk of a heart disease is the type of lipoproteins that spread cholesterol all over the body, but not cholesterol as you’ve thought before!
Eating healthy is the habit that one should stick to, but more important and useful for human organism is not getting panic stricken when the question is about nutrition. Be sober-minded.


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The Big Brother Is Watching You or Essay on Anti-Utopia

August 14th, 2015 No comments

big brotherIn the broad sense the concept of anti-utopia the key word that defines the roots of this notion is “utopia” because the appearance of the former is directly dependable upon the existence of the latter. Under these circumstances it is not relevant to discuss one without the reference to the other.

Utopia emerged in the nineteenth century as the result of people’s fierce strive for a perfect society and men could not help but succumb to these lofty ideas of social improvement. Consequently, through this period of time there appeared a number of literary works where an in-depth depiction of a non-existent “heaven” impelled and inspired human nature to wait and hope. However, wise and shrewd leaders of socialistic ideology did not miss the opportunity to gain advantage of human natural credulity and created a kind of “religion”, the ultimate purpose of which was the accomplishment of this ephemeral utopia. Nevertheless, there have always been the titans of thought throughout the history and that period of formation and development was not an exception. That is how a new genre of literature and a new type of contemplation broke out by means of words and books.

Anti-Utopia was a furious answer to the attempts of the government to produce a collective consciousness and frame it according to the benefits of policy changes and state governance. It denied all the principles and values previously stated in the utopia and affirmed that “perfect” was permanently surrounded by hidden reefs and consequences. I consider this genre of literature as one of the most controversial and thought-provoking in the whole literary process and in my view it should be regarded only through the prism of the best illustrations which can demonstrate the full range of its existential meaning.

“1984” by George Orwell is one of the representative novels, which resolutely display the paradigm of anti-utopian characteristic features. This book is the prediction of undesirable future with the main character, Winston, who seeks the way to oppose the acting power. The main peculiarities of anti-utopia are the representation of certain society and government organization in the future and the conflict between the authority and its opponent. Winston lives in Oceania, the superstate which is at permanent war either with Eastasia or Eurasia. The residents of this country are raised in the environment where people do not think. They are “programmed” to unquestionably follow the statute of the Party. The book draws a distinct picture of negative occurrences in the life of socialistic society and class ideology, strong depiction of human degradation and identity annihilation. In addition, the image of a totalitarian regime finalizes the anti-utopian concept of the “perfect” world , thus, brightly exposes the main features of this literary genre.

Overall, it is necessary to point out that nowadays anti-utopia is a strong tool of exposure of the absurd utopian dream and the reality of inevitable government control. It is becoming more and more popular among authors and, subsequently, among readers. The most vivid and best-selling books of this genre are “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins, “The Divergent” by Veronica Roth, “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner and others. They are filmed and broadcasted throughout the world gaining unimaginable popularity and the only question that appears is “Why?”. People are likely to project everything they perceive and comprehend on themselves. So, perhaps the modern world is living in its own Oceania and the Big Brother is definitely watching you.

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Racism Essay: The Key Causes of Racism

June 30th, 2015 No comments

There’s no need to state that racism is unacceptable and that it may have a lot of effects on a human being. Everyone knows that racism can not only destroy the self-esteem of a person, but also make him want to take revenge. Victims of racism get angry and face with the whole range of consequences of improper treatment. And while the consequences of racism can be seen here and there, one should take into account the basic causes of this phenomenon in order to avoid conflicts that sometimes can be dreadful.

The first cause can be related to the instinctive reaction for the protection of species. It’s not a secret that we tend to get closer to the people, who are similar to us in appearance and behavior. It’s natural for us to feel the danger when our culture, family or territory may be harmed by something or someone. That is why racism is a natural reaction of a human being when he is eager to protect everything mentioned above. Any element that happens to be completely strange for a particular group of individuals is automatically considered as inferior.

Fear… It’s natural for us to have a strong desire to keep our kind under protection. This, in turn, means that we are afraid of losing anything that makes us who we are (status, job, possession, territory, etc.). We have a strong fear of being simply replaced by anyone who is considered more significant than our own identity. The very moment we are replaced by someone, who is seen more appealing, we get a strong feeling of unworthiness. Fear is one of the most significant causes of racism today, especially when the question is about threatening of what is called the human rights.

One of the factors that may cause racism is ignorance. If a human being grows up constantly doing the same thing as everyone around, it is considered absolutely right even when it is seen to be morally wrong by the other individual, who does not have the same viewpoints. A group of people will never consider their actions as wrong for the reason that they see their actions and morally appropriate. In order to prevent the ignorance of this kind, one should be aware of his actions and what kind of consequences they may bring. As long as our ignorance continues to grow, racism won’t disappear.

Racism may be caused by lack of self-love. As a rule, people, who have a strongly pronounced racism treatment towards the others, appear to have no self-esteem and self-love. That is why he makes sure to throw all of his bitterness onto the other people, who seem to be weaker. When you truly love yourself and appreciate who you are as an individual, you appreciate everyone around. Racism grows from the strong feeling of being deprived of certain opportunities, being worthless and victimized. As a result, the person is looking for some scapegoat in order to get a quick feeling of superior. It’s not a surprise that usually the racist turns to be far weaker that his victim.

A cause of racism cannot be called a social act. It’s nothing but an individual act, which means it can be eliminated only by changing individual actions towards the other human beings.

Macbeth Essay: The Personality of Macbeth

May 8th, 2015 No comments

For the first time the reader sees Macbeth as a mature man, who has a solidly established character. He is absolutely successful in particular areas and enjoys his reputation. It’s impossible to say that every action of this man is of a predictable nature, but his character is definitely made of huge potentialities, and no one can tell all of Macbeth’s excessive self-love. The protagonist is simply determined by a strong desire for mutable good.

In his conduct this man is driven by a strong desire for multiple honors. He’s always there – buying golden honors and opinions from the others. It’s not a secret for a reader that Macbeth has a range of motives complexity. For instance, one can state that Macbeth’s fighting in Duncan’s service is absolutely brave and significant. The services of Macbeth are also there for his personal glory. While he destroys all enemies of Duncan, this motive however is obscured by more vigorous urges. By his very nature Macbeth demands awards. He values success for the reason that it brings royal favor, titles and also fame. As long as all of these honors satisfy his desires, Macbeth seems to be a noble gentleman. But when the moment comes and Macbeth cannot satisfy his self-love, he makes sure to turn to dishonorable tactics in order to reach what he’s in need of.

The very moment our protagonist returns from the battle, he realizes that his self-love requires open recognition of his greatness. Driven by demonic forces that are symbolized by the witches, he is longing for obtaining the whole kingdom. According to the witches’ prediction, Macbeth is going to be the king and this is the last point that makes Macbeth follow his evil intentions. Nonetheless, he has so much natural good that he still can keep his passions and desires under control and stay away from criminal actions.

The main hero of Shakespeare’s masterpiece never completely loses the freedom to make a reasonable and independent choice. Since a free act is strictly related to a reason, as Macbeth’s reason gets blinded, the actions of the protagonist get less and less free. It actually accounts for his actions getting more and more controlled along the play, and the very final feelings that the character completely lost free will. As we turn the pages of the play, we see how this man violates his natural law that results in the complete loss of the choice freedom.

The whole substance of the personality of Macbeth is the one that the tragic heroes are usually fashioned of. Under the constant impact of desires and endowed with potential, this dramatic person expands, grows as well as develops to the point, when he gets a better understanding of the world and of his own soul. Certainly, Macbeth is bound to his inner humanity and this strong connection actually determines his relationship with the natural law, which enables him to make free choices and distinguish good and bad.

Legalizing Drugs Essay

February 11th, 2010 No comments

Through the past years, the question of legalizing drugs has been becoming more popular. There are many different opinions on this subject because of personal beliefs. I believe that these substances should be legal because no matter what law is created, if a person chooses to use them, they will. If it were legalized, the government would gain economical advantages by the changes it would cause. In one year, it is estimated that 1 billion dollars of revenues is spent in the drug market (Andelman, 1994).

One of the big reasons that I believe that it should be legal is because it would bring in more money for our government. This is mostly because we would be able to tax the substances just as we can alcohol and tobacco. This would be allowed because with it becoming legalized, the government is able to set the prices, or at least set a tax on it if it is supplied privately. It is projected that if marijuana alone were to become legalized that the government could make at least 7.8 million dollars a year in taxes. It would also help decrease government funding by being able to reduce the cost of imprisonment and enforcement. In 1992, 58% of inmates in federal prisons were serving for some sort of drug charge (Chambliss, 1994). The government could save billions of dollars each year by not having to support these felons. Read more…

Marie Antoinette Essay

October 9th, 2009 No comments

Marie Josephe Jeanne Antoinette was born on 2nd November 1795 in Vienna, Austria to the emperor Joseph and empress Maria Therese. Her mother was a very powerful woman, who had about 15 children in total.

In 1770, when she was only fourteen, Marie was married off to the French Dauphin (heir to the throne). Before she was married, Marie had to say goodbye to her parents and siblings, some of whom she would never see again, and travel to the Austrian/French border. It was here, in a tent on a platform situated in the middle of the River Rhine, that she was forced to strip off all her clothes and pass through the tent to France. They were married and Marie later gave birth to three children.

In 1774 her husband became King Louis XVI and she became Queen of France. The personalities of the two rulers were very different; Louis was phlegmatic and withdrawn, whilst Marie was happy, frivolous and imprudent in her actions and choice of friends. Read more…

Prostate Cancer Essay

September 24th, 2009 No comments

The prostate gland is located between the bladder and in front of the rectum. The upper part of the urethra passes through the prostate gland, which can cause some serious problems if it becomes enlarged. They believe that the cancer is caused by changes in DNA. The reason for this is because some parts of the DNA give instructions to the cell about growth and division. This is where cancer comes into play, which is the division of cells gone mad. The genes that promote cell growth and division are oncogenes. When this happens, it creates a tumor. The tumor will either be benign or malignant. Benign tumors do not spread like the malignant ones. When a malignant tumor spreads, it is called metastasis. Prostate cancer is when a malignant tumor is found in the prostate gland. The severity determines what stage the cancer is in, it will be in T1, T2, T3, or T4. “T1 and T2 are limited only to the prostate gland.”(source 1) T3 is when the cancer has already made its way into the tissue. T4 is when the cancer is spread all across the body. There are three types of prostate diseases: benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis, and prostate cancer. Read more…

Bipolar Disorder Essay

September 14th, 2009 No comments

This essay is based on bipolar disorder in everyday people. Bipolar disorder is a mental illness is identified by intense and random mood swings. Most everyone effected by this illness go into relapse. This paper analyzes the research by Weisman et. al. (2002). They conducted a study on bipolar individuals, which consists of a three-element treatment. The segments include Psychoeducation, Communication Training, and Problem Solving.

Weisman et. al. (2002) wanted to discover whether their treatment was effective against the disorder and, to determine if their treatment would the likelihood of relapse. Weisman et. al. (2002) hypothesized that therapists rated as less competent or adherent to the treatment protocol will have more patients relapsing within one year of entering the treatment then more competent and/or adherent therapists. They also hypothesized, that when patients did relapse, therapists greater in competence and adherence would have patients who stayed well longer had less inpatient hospitalizations. Read more…

Essay on Racism

September 3rd, 2009 No comments

Racism has occurred throughout the centuries. It comes in many different forms and acts but they fall under mental or physical. The best example of racism is against the African-American race. Blacks have been discriminated against severely throughout the Civil War period and the 1950’s and 1960’s. Royal Battle tells the small story of racism in its mental and physical forms.

Ralph Ellison is a prime example of how racism is towards the one discriminated against. Ellison’s incident is one that shows the physical side of racism more than the emotional. The rounding up off the blacks to entertain for the white’s around the ring shows the superiority and inequality of the society. It shows how the blacks have little status and how they have to work hard and like animals to get some cash. The whites on the other hand have money, throw it around like it grows on trees, and treat the blacks as though they are not even human beings.

Furthermore, as the chapter progresses along with the fight things start to get more brutal. They begin to blindfold all of the black men in the ring and they throw them all in there at once. They then begin to gang up on each other while the whites are looking on as though it was a dogfight, yelling at them and showing them complete disrespect. After they gang up on one man they then turn to the next until there are only two people left in the ring, Ellison and Tatlock who is the biggest man in the ring. They are then forced to fight until one of them knocks the other out and gets the prize. Read more…

Othello Essay

August 12th, 2009 No comments

Honourable lords and ladies of Venice we are gathered here today to remember the life of the courageous Othello. Many of you have come to mourn his death but I on the other hand have come here before you all to celebrate, not his passing away but as a tribute to his contribution to us, the people.

What a tragic way to end a proud and honourable role of dedication, leadership, and faithful servant to the people of Venice. Many of the people in this room today will agree with me in saying that Othello never permitted devious and cowardly acts, he was a man who believed in the importance to serve, and knew his role as gallant warrior of Venice. They were given to him for his tremendous traits. Whether they be from the art of hand to hand combat to the full protection and leadership of his people. Read more…