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The Big Brother Is Watching You or Essay on Anti-Utopia

big brotherIn the broad sense the concept of anti-utopia the key word that defines the roots of this notion is “utopia” because the appearance of the former is directly dependable upon the existence of the latter. Under these circumstances it is not relevant to discuss one without the reference to the other.

Utopia emerged in the nineteenth century as the result of people’s fierce strive for a perfect society and men could not help but succumb to these lofty ideas of social improvement. Consequently, through this period of time there appeared a number of literary works where an in-depth depiction of a non-existent “heaven” impelled and inspired human nature to wait and hope. However, wise and shrewd leaders of socialistic ideology did not miss the opportunity to gain advantage of human natural credulity and created a kind of “religion”, the ultimate purpose of which was the accomplishment of this ephemeral utopia. Nevertheless, there have always been the titans of thought throughout the history and that period of formation and development was not an exception. That is how a new genre of literature and a new type of contemplation broke out by means of words and books.

Anti-Utopia was a furious answer to the attempts of the government to produce a collective consciousness and frame it according to the benefits of policy changes and state governance. It denied all the principles and values previously stated in the utopia and affirmed that “perfect” was permanently surrounded by hidden reefs and consequences. I consider this genre of literature as one of the most controversial and thought-provoking in the whole literary process and in my view it should be regarded only through the prism of the best illustrations which can demonstrate the full range of its existential meaning.

“1984” by George Orwell is one of the representative novels, which resolutely display the paradigm of anti-utopian characteristic features. This book is the prediction of undesirable future with the main character, Winston, who seeks the way to oppose the acting power. The main peculiarities of anti-utopia are the representation of certain society and government organization in the future and the conflict between the authority and its opponent. Winston lives in Oceania, the superstate which is at permanent war either with Eastasia or Eurasia. The residents of this country are raised in the environment where people do not think. They are “programmed” to unquestionably follow the statute of the Party. The book draws a distinct picture of negative occurrences in the life of socialistic society and class ideology, strong depiction of human degradation and identity annihilation. In addition, the image of a totalitarian regime finalizes the anti-utopian concept of the “perfect” world , thus, brightly exposes the main features of this literary genre.

Overall, it is necessary to point out that nowadays anti-utopia is a strong tool of exposure of the absurd utopian dream and the reality of inevitable government control. It is becoming more and more popular among authors and, subsequently, among readers. The most vivid and best-selling books of this genre are “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins, “The Divergent” by Veronica Roth, “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner and others. They are filmed and broadcasted throughout the world gaining unimaginable popularity and the only question that appears is “Why?”. People are likely to project everything they perceive and comprehend on themselves. So, perhaps the modern world is living in its own Oceania and the Big Brother is definitely watching you.

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