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Admission Essay Writing

September 22nd, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

In many institutions, it is required of a student applying for a position in graduate school to write an admission essay which together with the student’s academic background, will be considered by the admission committee in deciding which students secure positions in the institution. An admission essay is a personal statement that paints a clear picture of who the student really is to the admission committee by providing a lot of information, mostly personal, which is not included anywhere else in the application. A transcript serves the purpose of showing the admissions committee your academic potential but does not tell them your goals or the reason behind the application for admission in the institution and this is to be explained in detail by the admission essay. With the ever growing numbers of students applying for limited spots in educational institutions, a good admission essay may just be the factor that helps the committee determine which students should be admitted.

Most admission committees usually request students to write an admission essay that responds to specific information such as commenting on their backgrounds and how these have shaped their lives, while some ask applicants to write a generic admission essay about how current experiences may shape the students future. Either way, before writing one’s admission essay, it is important that one understands one’s goals and how life experiences influence one’s future. One should also ensure that one includes all the information required by the admission panel in the admission essay. Many students have no idea how to write a good admission essay – that’s why they contact admission essay writing companies to have their paper written by professional writers.

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