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Essay Sample on the Future of eReading

November 4th, 2015 No comments

The Future of eReadingIt is not an easy task to give any predictions to the fate of the books in light of various techs in eReading industry. However, in order to make things clear, we can take a look at the music industry to compare it with the reading. Until recent times, there were not many options regarding the way the music was recorded, shared and then enjoyed. But at the very beginning of the new millennium a whole bunch of the new technologies like iTunes, MP3, Pandora, YouTube and a lot of others have completely changed the whole industry. What if the same thing will happen in the world of our printed friends?

Before you make a conclusion that traditional books will most likely go the same way at the cassettes and good old CDs, think about the following – a lot of individuals have a kind of emotional connection with the printed books, not just with information or stories they may include. In other words, books are more similar to LPs. Even though it is really impractical, a lot of us still like to check the vinyl collections in order to enjoy the sound richness.

According to the experts, it makes certain sense for the books to be there for us in a digital form. We all need reference materials for our studying, but the traditional printed books will never disappear from our lives. Even today, a 100-year-old text that is printed on a rag paper is a kind of beauty that will always be a part of our lives.

And what is more interesting, the increasing sales of the eReaders do not necessarily mean that the traditional books are getting away from the book stores. For instance, in January 2011, stated that the ebooks outselling paperbacks got to the very top of reports of the constant paperback sales growth – for the internet retailer at least. Nonetheless, the situation is somehow different for some traditional bookstores. In February 2011, a chain of national bookstores “Borders” declared its bankruptcy, stating that they are going to refocus on the eReading sales to save the business.

A lot of Americans tend to give their preference to the eReading techs too. According to the Harris Interactive research that was performed in August 2010, 8% of Americans were using eReading techs and more than 12% were about to do the same in the next 6 months. In the year to come, the sales of the eReading techs are expected to reach the level of over 20 million. This is great news for the individuals engaged in manufacturing of the eReading tools.

Taking into account the growing popularity of the eReaders, the traditional books sales may finally go down. Moreover, the whole world of the book publishing may be completely transformed. However, it does not mean that the bibliophiles should rant and wave. It is unlikely that printed books will ever get absolutely obsolete. They just need to become friends with their new cool neighbor the eReader.