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How to Write School Reports

November 16th, 2012 No comments

Writing reports for your school is an important part of academic process. The quality of your school report helps to estimate your knowledge, the ability to follow directions and use manuals, your way to organize your school schedule.

If you don’t know how to write a good report, try to use this instruction.

First of all, study carefully the instructions you have received from your teacher. Pay special attention to word limit and formatting guidelines – although these aspects seem to be the least important, they may cause a lot of trouble if you fail to follow these instructions.

Spread writing a report over a period of time, making sure that there is enough time to deal with both research and writing parts of the assignment, because one without another is no good. Don’t put the task until the last moment, because there is often more work to do than you can suppose beforehand, and it may turn out that you will hand your report in too late and receive a low mark.

A lot of people really have no idea how to write school reports and, therefore, we will mention something that goes without saying: you shouldn’t copy/paste your report from someone else’s text. You should conduct research on your own, using a number of credible sources of information, not just one text. And, of course, you should give correct references to these texts and not present the things you have taken from them as your own thoughts.

Another thing you should always keep in mind if your want to know how to write a good report is the necessity to write a plan and a draft of your report before you start writing the text proper. It helps organizing your thoughts and gives you an opportunity to make changes without remaking an already finished text.

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