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How to easily write a Business plan

January 19th, 2012 No comments

Business plan is simply a guideline of how a particular business is fairing on or how a business plan is going to be started. In other terms, business plan is supposed to be a strategic tool that is used to develop the growth of a particular business in relation to the prevailing environment. The main agenda of writing a good business plan is to come up with action plans which strengthens the ongoing organization and relates the organization’s operation with the external links. In some countries, the government requires every business venture to come up with a business plan and it’s regarded as a legal document.

A well written Business plan is supposed to show the organization receives and manages its financial resources thereby acting as a checklist in which the financial flow is monitored and checked. There have been a lot of misconceptions about the business plan since most entrepreneurs conceptualize business plan as an entity to a new business. Business plan has been used in many organizations even by the non-profitable ones because it a basic managerial tool and any business are supposed to have its own.

The importance of a good business plan writing is that is shows the current organization’s asset as well as the liabilities these attributes must be included in every business plan. A well written custom papers will analyze the methods and strategies used by a fierce competitor in the business that is also doing the same products and services as the current organization. There are different methods of which a business plan can be written and this only depends with the complexity of the organization and the mode of its operation to the external environment. A good business plan must show how the organization is being funded either by equity or debt.

Book Report Writing Rules & Recommendations

January 10th, 2012 No comments

Sooner or later the majority of students will have to deal with writing school reports and book report writing is one of the tasks. One of the most important tips on how to write a book report is that you have to enjoy the reading process and never think about the report until the moment when you turn the last page. Next hot tip on writing school reports on books is that you, as the author, have to absorb and consider what it was that you read. Just walk around and think a bit, then sit down and start creating!

Receive the writing the writing assignment. Ask your tutor the questions about the project until your understand its nature completely. Do you have an opportunity to read any book you want, or it should be some specific subject, or even specific book? Is your task to simply summarize it or provide your viewpoint on it? Make sure you know the answers!

Read the book and do not forget to annotate. The other bright tip on how to write a book report is that you have pace yourself in the process of reading, never procrastinate. Avail on writing report example available on the web and you see that your task is to put down notes, highlight important sections, underline alluring lines. Do your best to appreciate the book: it can teach you something – all you have to do is to long for learning.

Make an outline for the book ideas and sub-ideas. You need to do that while the plot is still fresh in your memory. It will help you in organizing your thoughts and ideas for the book report.

  • What significant and important events are there in the book?
  • Who are the main characters of it? What did they do? Do they somehow change throughout the plot? What makes you like/dislike/hate some characters?
  • What kind of turning points have you noticed in the story?
  • Was the end of the book satisfying?

State the author of the book and its title in the first paragraph. Provide the key things you’re going to use in the body section paragraphs.

For the following several paragraphs, you have to refer to your tutor’s assignment sheet to decide what outline parts you’d like to expand on in the central part of the report.

  • Perhaps you may be required to provide your personal viewpoint on the book. Was the book good? What about it made the book bad or good, dull or powerful? You have an opportunity to make use of examples from the book in order to support your claims.

Write a conclusive section to wrap everything you’ve already provided up. Make a restatement of your thesis statement or main idea in your conclusion. Review the key idea and, if required, state your point of view.