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How to Prepare a Good Powerpoint Presentation

December 24th, 2009 No comments

How to prepare a good PowerPoint presentation starts with basic information including the working of the program and the key aspects to creating the right PowerPoint information. When you develop a PowerPoint presentation, remember that you must use your spell checker and that long sections of work should be checked in MSWord for grammar and style corrections. There are a number of things that can be changed in the presentation, including the speed of the slides, transitions, and templates. Many PowerPoint presentations are designed to be viewed during speeches, making them most effective if the slide can be manually transitioned; however, if you practice your speech you can set it up to move forward on its own.

In addition to setting up the right transitions for your slides, a good PowerPoint presentation will place a great deal of focus on the needs of the audience. Consider the age group, the objectives of the presentation, and your goals for the communication. If your presentation is designed to reach management, avoid heavy use of unnecessary images. If your presentation includes graphs, keep one graph per slide unless immediate comparison is needed during the speech – such as comparing the results of one graph against another. Remember that images can distract from the conversation or the main points that must be present on the slide.

A good PowerPoint presentation will have the same excellent communication skills of a paper or essay – demonstrating a solid grasp of the spoken and written language that will focus on describing the topics but also highlights the key points of the presentation. Consider writing the information in MSWord before applying it to the slides – use topic sentences as the primary focus of each slide – with bulleted key points listed below it. Upon completion, be sure to thank your audience and invite questions that your audience may have.

How to Write a Good Lab Report

December 1st, 2009 No comments

Some key pointers to how to write a good lab report being by mentioning the importance of language in college degree programs. Every student will find that they are good at some things and bad at other things – you are not alone. The first step is to recognize what you are unable to accomplish well on your own – if this is the writing aspect, you may wish to consider that each time you write anything you will want to follow a specific formula to meet the requirements of the writing project.

When you want to write a good lab report, remember to gather information from your course to create the assignment accurately. You instructor most likely will provide a rubric for the assignment, use this as part of your outline – and a good outline for a lab report begins like all essays and papers, with an introduction, body, and conclusion. These are the key points to all writing because you must introduce your topic, explain it, and let your audience know that the paper is complete by providing a conclusion that restates the key points to the paper.

Many lab reports will include a form or template where the information will be entered; however, the good lab report will still introduce the topic – such as with the heading, the body through answering the questions provided, and conclude with at least a single statement of the results of the lab. These are the key points to how to write a good lab report; however, the rest of the answers are often found in the materials that your instructor will provide you with at the time of the assignment. Also, you can get online lab report writing help.