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How to Write a Good Persuasive Speech

November 10th, 2009 No comments

How to write a good persuasive speech starts with understanding what a persuasive speech is – and how it is used to meet the needs of an audience. Many mistakes made regarding persuasive speeches are due to the writer believing that the goal is only to tell one specific side of the problem; however, it is essential that the speech not just tell one side, but also rather demonstrate how many sides are not as equal as the side the writer wishes to share with the audience.

Accomplishing the needs of a good persuasive speech start with the topic – what topic will you select, what are the differing opinions, and where your speech will lead your audience. You may select the topic of advertising, which leads to the opinions that advertisers have a goal to make people buy things they do not need, while others feel that advertising allows consumers to be aware of choices. You may use the one side of the argument to include the influences that advertising has on children, but also demonstrate that busy mothers and fathers do not have time to evaluate products, but will look into what products the child suggests. You may argue that food commercials assist people in making poor choices for food; however, demonstrate on how the current healthy objectives should influence a great deal of the viewers or recipients of the advertising to begin selecting healthy alternatives in the future.

Once you have selected your side, you must develop evidence that refutes the side that is against you. Much like a debate, a good persuasive speech will acknowledge all other opinions, but demonstrate how the single opinion is the best choice. Regardless of which side you are on, you must show your audience how your side is the right side to be on, so that they will be supportive of your decision. If you got problems in writing speeches – you can get a custom speech essay online.